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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hi Ya'll,
I will work on the recipes I've been promising while the kiddos are getting their teeth cleaned.  [Macxine travels well!]  Hmmm, wonder if the docs office is open for a little wireless?
Got the cookbook from 1958 packed to copy the recipe "as original."  Then, I'll add what I did.
BB Mom inquired about baking bacon.  I'd heard of this before but never done it.  Then, I read it as a tip on's blog.  He's in my reader list if you scroll down on the left.  You should all bookmark his place because he has tons a great tips for cooking, cleaning, and $$$Saving Money$$$.
Anyhow, simply put.  Pre-Heat oven to 400.  Cover cookie sheet (baking sheet with a lip to catch grease) with tin foil.  Preferable the large heavy duty kind so you may cover the entire cookie sheet with one solid piece.  This isn't necessary but does make clean-up a snap!
Place your bacon slices close together (barely touching but don't over fill or they won't crisp quite as well).  Place in oven on baking rack and bake for 20 minutes.  You might need to check at 18 minutes and see if it's ready or needs a few more minutes.
Remove bacon to a plate covered with paper towels to absorb extra grease.  Then, either eat and enjoy of save in a zip lock bag for future meals or recipes.
Last:  Remove the tin foil carefully and discard!  YAY!
I did this with breakfast sausage the other morning too.  I sliced it into patties and layed in cookie fashion on the [foil lined] cookie sheet.  The patties came out perfect and no splatter or mess on my range top!
NOTES:  Harry at might have actually roasted or broiled his bacon.  You can pop over there and check his tips list to be sure.
Jay mentioned to me to use a rack on top of the cookie sheet (metal cooling rack) and then the bacon/patties would cook but all the grease would fall to the [foil lined] cookie sheet, thus making it a little healthier.  Haven't tried it this way yet.
I will never fry bacon or breakfast sausage patties again.
Happy Bakin! Bacon!



Anonymous said...

I cook bacon in the microwave on a bacon cooker thing and covered w/ a few paper towels or paper plates to prevent splatter. I got at Walmart I think. It's great. Then I save my bacon grease in the fridge lol.

Krishna said...

I just buy the precooked stuff. Its like 3.95 for the 8 oz pkg of tyson at HEB. cheaper than the stuff you have to cook.

Farmer*swife said...

krishna, I'll have to price check it again? But, I think you still get more bacon when you cook it yourself (and cheaper). But, I'll do my research! ;-)

DH likes the peppered bacon. He's not crazy about "pre" anything! LOL!!!!!

Put some pics up at your place!!!!

Krishna said...

Yeah, i know. i've been lazy and A really takes offense to me being on the computer these days. Seriously, she's only 3!

I hate the smell of bacon cooking that's why the precooked stuff is awesome and P LOVES bacon, seriously loves bacon and I'm not cooking that stuff all the time!

Damn woman, you are posting like crazy today. this must be a record!

Anonymous said...

I haven't cooked bacon in a fry pan ever since I read how to roast it over at Harry's place! Squeeeeee!!!! My kids get bacon so much more often now! It's so easy!!

Harry's advice said to use the cooling racks on top of the foil-lined baking sheet. DON'T forget to spray those racks with cooking oil. It was a huge mess to clean when I didn't spray first. But when I sprayed? Easy-peasy clean up! ;)

But maybe? I'll skip the racks next time and just do it your way. Because the really healthy stuff isn't as yummy as cooking in its own grease. (sounds gross, but you know what I mean!!) I've gotta cook for some hungry boys here!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Jay is a SMART dude alright...

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I um, kinda like the pink from before, actually...

Baseball Mom said...

I am going to try this oven cookin bacon. I love bacon, but hate the mess. Thanks. :P

tt said...

I actually cook 2 lbs. of bacon at a time for my parentals. I use a bacon cooker in the microwave and seperate the layers with paper towels in a freezer safe container. That way they can have bacon any morning they want and not have to worry about cooking it. Then, they take out however much they need, and pop it into the nuker for about 30 to 45 secs ( I think)and Viola!! Bacon!

Harry said...

I'm so flattered for the mention! Yes, the rack over the foil is the secret, because the bacon also comes out flat.

If you think I'm a genius, I learned this from Ina Garten of Barefoot Contess fame.

Here is the direct link to this post, though: