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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Morning Comes Too Early...

Morning comes too early. Coffee is good with Tiramisu non-dairy liquid creamer. [The coupon was for $1.00 off of "two." So I gave myself a chance at something new.] One cricket can keep you listening all night long. One cricket is hard to find. Especially, if he's on the outside of your window. .......mmmmm, hot coffee. Morning comes too early. One eye wakes up quicker than the other eye. My left eye is a whole degree weaker than my right. So, it takes an extra minute or two before it will actually even open. I walk around with one eye open and one closed for a couple of minutes. Strange. When I get home from dropping the kids? I'm going back to bed for awhile.... I always think that, but I never do it. I'm not coming straight home from dropping the kids off. What should I make for breakfast. Cheerios and milk and a banana. Good. Breakfast is made. Morning comes too early. I'm going to insert my eye balls (contacts) and paint my face into a beautiful portrait. Happy Tuesday. Hope morning comes a little later for you!


gary rith said...

Whoa, I guess you're up early!
(I have high hopes that sometime very soon the kiln will work and your mug will be happily fired....)

Anonymous said...

You're a hoot, girl. I seriously adore you. Do I tell you that all the time or what? LOL

I never paint my face anymore. Only when I'm not going to the gym. The gym membership is making my Clinique foundation last a lot longer! Ha!

That's so weird about your eyes. I've never heard of that. The teacher at Emma's preschool said Emma seems to favor one eye and she suggested I have them checked. I have never noticed that before.

Cheerios w/ banana sounds healthy to me! I fed mine Fruit Loops I got on clearance at Target. I rarely buy that junk. Then I made some more of those damn biscuits and ate TWO w/ apple butter. *drool* Oh, and did I tell you I tried that Creme Brulee coffee? I LOVE it!

Farmer*swife said...

gr I'm anxious, but I know ya' can't help technical difficulties! Oh, and I'm always up early -- just not so bloggie! LOL!!!

ff, Creme Brulee! Yes, we Mama's are worth the extra $ for a special wake-me-up! If you go to the Folger's website and sign up? They will send you a $1.00 off coupon for their Gourmet Selections!!!!!


Knight said...

It's that thirsty eye that wakes up faster. Either that or the one that has to use the bathroom.

I have that Tiramisu creamer in my fridge as well. Delicious. I find the flavor is rather strong so you can even cut it with the cheap normal creamer and save $ while still have a tasty cup of brew.

Jay said...

Morning does come early. Unless your nights are filled with bad dreams and fear of the dark. Then the night never ends.

I chose Frosted Flakes for breakfast. But Cheerios are good too.

Anonymous said...

Tiramisu sounds yummy, although I'm a Creme Brulee coffee creamer fan. But all those trans fats scare it's a rare treat. Usually it's just 1% milk (lots of it) or a nice splash of half-n-half. I NEEDED coffee today! (I needed it yesterday, too, but didn't have any.)

My breakfast? Raisin Bran (generic) and coffee. Older 3 kids had cereal & milk & apple juice. Little guy had a breakfast bar and milk, because 7am is too early for him!

I stayed awake this morning, but yesterday? Fell back asleep several times over. Coffee makes all the difference! It'll be a month before I get another sleep-in day. :*(

Anonymous said...

Nope I got up before the sun today at a wonderful 4:30am...My morning was very similar to yours. Have a great day ;)--Christi

Anonymous said...

Eeesh, posted at 6:19 a.m. That is the precise time my alarm clock goes off every morning, but I happily snooze it until 7:08-ish. Hehe.

And, if I were you . . . I would definitely go back home and crawl under the covers. I always say I'm gonna do that, and I always DO. I am expert at falling asleep anywhere, anytime. :)