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Friday, September 26, 2008

8:30 ALREADY?! Holy Cow, where did my mornin' GO!?

My goodness where has my morning gone!  And, no coffee either because the carafe was in the dish washer.   DH took the kids early for tacos.  I was going to take them but he wanted me to take them to his nast-asty, hole-in-the-wall so they could get food poisoning favorite little place and I refused. I was going to take them to the "Mexican restaurant" as we were planning on having "Mexican food tacos" for breakfast.
So, I said, "Have at it!"  Then, I was up extra, extra late and still?  Forgot to make kids lunches.  DH snored.  Loudly. Roof shaking loudly.  Aaaaaalllll Niiiiiight Looooong (like the Lionel Richie song).  I finally fell into Farmer, Jr.'s bed and woke at 6:15.  When I entered the kitchen?  DH was still snoring -- still loudly.  How can he sleep with himself through that?
I make lunches, holler to the children, help dress them, pack back packs, and the memory and spelling review for DH to work with them at breakfast.  They leave.  I strip Lil'Gal's bed and start that load of wash.
I pop up Macxine's desktop and see I have a bundle of bloggie comments!  [I heart me some comments!]  Gary asks for a pic of me and DH.  kcinnova and Gary ask about how me and DH met....some of this is in the archives.  I need to paint my portrait to my face and fix my hair, and fold those towels over there, and make the bed that I didn't even bleepin' sleep in for DH.  
While looking through the archives for that picture I decide to take a pic of the Hamburger book from which the recipe I offered up and have yet to post came from.
Though, I said I'd post it yesterday at the kids dental appointment...I chose instead to type up the article I happily offered to Lis at Root & Sprout for her section on "Flourish Frugally." I am glad I did because she needed it in today. She replied this morning and told me she will indeed publish it in the October issue [YAY! I'm published again!!!] Where was I? Oh, yea. I'm WAAAAAY behind. Because of the pic for gr and kc, the pic of the book which led me to the PC [GASP! I know?!] to re-size it, which then reminded me [when I put the compact flash card in] that I still hadn't burned and printed the pics since school started! 
Obviously, I then got caught up with that: renaming, cropping, deleting the crappy pics and right when I finished? The program locked up!! So, I thought I lost all that work! While waiting on the program to reload I popped back over here to write up this post to let you know where I am and what I am doing and that, I WILL get those pics and recipe to you the very next thing!  Just as soon as I get my face painted, my hair styled (so it can fall back to soup when I step out the door), all the clutter cleared from the kitchen, and swap the next load of laundry.  Oh, and I still owe the treadmill 45 minutes because I promised it...and, you know me. I keep a promise ;-).
BBR!  Happy Friday!



Anonymous said...

Crackin me up as always! I like the green way better, I voted ;). You motivated me to start the washer and maybe sweep, mop and vacuum(that was a maybe tho)! Have a happy Friday! Christi

Knight said...

Hey Gary, You can see a pic of the lovely Farmer*sWife and her DH under her post Rain? Rain!

They are a goodlookin' couple!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Happy Friday too!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh they look so wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, now I feel guilty, taking up your morning and keeping you from exercise!

No, not really. *smirk*