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Monday, September 29, 2008

1:30 AM: What's Outside My DOOR?!

I'm sleepin' still slumberingly because my OTC "shut my mind up and help me fall asleep" pill still had a little linger left.  [FYI, I went to bed after 11:pm.  Seinfeld re-run was still on.]
Typically, my OTC will hold me until about 3:am at which time sleep goes on intercession and I walk the floors, making the rounds.  I was dreaming something...not sure what?  But, I remember in my dream someone else was wearing one of my favorite shirts and I was thinking at that very moment, "How did she get my shirt?"
At which point, there was a scraping noise and the sound of dogs barking.  MY DOGS.  Uh-Oh!  DH also wakes with a startle, "What's that sound!"  [Scrape, Scrape goes the sound again.  coming from the back porch -- we think.]
DH flips the switches.  (He had our bedroom wired where we can flip 'all' the spot lights on from there (ie: gargage, back porch, side of house, front porch).  He's smart that way. ;-)
We can't figure out what the sound is.  But, he does discover that our glue boards we put out on the back porch to catch the field mice are....missing.  Huh?  They smell like peanut butter.  (You know?  I thought for a second?  It might'a been gary LOL -- the peanut butter!! Ha-ha!)
Anyhow.  I'd still like to think a snake drug them off.  But, DH is pretty sure it was a critter.  And, the dogs were barking.  I'd don't think they'd bother waking up over a snake a few hundred yards away.  Anyhow.  He then takes the pick-up out in search of the critter.  Possibly, a cayote!
And, it seems the critter got the glue boards stuck to his paws....which made the sound as it puttered around our back porch.  I'm just glad it wasn't a person.  But, still?  It took awhile to get back to sleep.
So, I layed there and thought about the fact that my cell phone would alert me (via vibrate/silent mode, because I'm considerate) to wake at 5:30ish for the meeting with the treadmill.  And, I thought to myself that we would wait and see how I felt about waking up then -- depending on when I finally fell back to sleep.
And, I felt like sleepin' in till 6:am.  So, I did.
Happy Monday Morning!  Have a great day and a great new week!



Tink said...

I like the new colors! They suit you better for some reason. Being woken up from a dead sleep by some strange noise is NEVER a good thing. Once, while Hoop was gone for the night, the dogs woke me up barking at the bedroom door. I was freaked. I started scrounging around for some kind of weapon. I found a flashlight just as Hoop crept in. He's lucky I didn't bash him over the head! Apparently, he'd missed me and didn't want to stay over at his buddy's house. It took me hours to calm down enough to fall back asleep.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

snakes and critters and Gary OH MY!

Baseball Mom said...

Oh dear. I probably would have been up the rest of the night.

I agree gary .. snakes and critters? NO TYVM!!

Happy monday!!

Anonymous said...

Racoon? Armadillo? Skunk? Well, I guess you'd know if it was a skunk...

But at least it wasn't Gary!! *snicker*