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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some History Behind the Artist...

Some of y'all may not be fans of Country Music. Some, may like Country - -but, only certain genres of Country. Some may not like change. I fit there, time to time. I fought the Dixie Chicks cuz' there was just something too jazzy about they way the dressed in "morphed" country get up. Don't get me wrong. Not everyone in Country has to have a solid Gold or Platinum Belt Buckle the size of a salad plate. Those are for those Hottie bucking Horse riders and Bull riders. Cuz' that's a rodeo trophy. But, still. Even if you are blue-grass? You gotta' wear and live a little country. The Dixie-Chicks won me over with several of their songs so much, that, I did indeed purchase the CD [album]. Then, you know the one. With the Big voice? And, the Big mouth to go with it? She peeved me. That CD has been in my archives ever since. NO, I didn't join the burning and I didn't have DH run over it with a tractor -- though, I think his Tractor's Sexy (Get it, LOL! Kenny Chesney!) I paid good money for it and it IS good music. Natlie Big Mouth just has to grow back on me... After all. This is the land of the free, the brave, and the free to shoot their mouths off [normally allowed only under the influence of sugar, malt and, and the hard stuff.] so long as their mouths are within their own home and not the home of us all?... Anyhow, I also like/love Big & Rich! Not all their music is Country. A lot is a big Country/Rock mix! After all, "Country Music Don't Rock & Roll...yeee-ahh, the Record Man told Me [them] So -- Never Get It On The Radio-OOOO, keep rollin' rollin. My best rendition of B&R without Vloggin' a sing song that would leave y'all all tone deaf with headaches! LOL! But, as did Leanne Rymes...who lost/crossed genres...her way for awhile? Leanne was a young Country Star who was built on Country Music. Leanne was a mere, sixteen, or fourteen? When she did he whole Cattle Call song "Blue" singin' with the voice of Patsy Cline Re-incarnate...... Taylor Swift wrote all, ALL, -- did you get that? ALL -- of the songs on her first CD [album]. My Big Lil'Bro has a great dislike for B&R. He used to dislike Taylor....but, he's found a liking for her. Though, I wonder that it is not so much her music. But, possibly more the fact that she is such a cute hottie who is now at a legal age to date whomever she chooses without concern of a lawsuit and imprisonment. 
Big Lil'Bro is in his mid prime of his 20s. [Gals, he is available. He's a big, strong, Texas boy. With some handsomeness and a whole lot of gentleman mixed in. He's quite the catch. Though, all resumes must be submitted via me first. ;-) ] Anyhow, digress and digress I do again. With some ramble=bamble and talkie lottie. But, I just had to pre-empt the history of the Sweet Lil'Gal, about grown up now, who favored us all with her little "Love Song." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Musical Influences: Her grandmother, who was an opera singer, Garth Brooks, LeAnn Rimes, and Tim McGraw. Taylor's Songwriting: Taylor is the first female solo country artist to have written or co-written all the songs on her Platinum-selling debut. The album has since sold over 2 million copies. The Myspace Generation: Taylor Swift gained a huge following through her myspace page early on in her career. She made a point to connect personally with fans every day, and answer questions, and it has grown so much that she's become the No. 1 Country artist on Myspace, and her music has surpassed over 40 million streams. In 2007, when she won CMT's Breakthrough Video award, she thanked her "Myspace fans," and said she would bring the award on the road with her when she went on tour with Brad Paisley, later that year, which she did. She even let fans pose with the award. What a Doll!: She's hardly the first country star to have a doll designed in her likeness, but in the Fall of 2008, fans will be able to buy Taylor Swift fashion dolls, and dress the doll in outfits that Taylor has worn. There's even a replica of her trademark crystal guitar. Some of Taylor Swift's Biggest Hits: Tim McGraw - No. 6 Teardrops on My Guitar - No. 2 Our Song - No. 1 (6 weeks) Picture to Burn - No. 13 (as of Mar 15, 2008 chart)
Happy Sunday Night/Monday Morning/Taylor Swift ya' off your feet! Day!!!



Jay said...

I just can't get into today's country music. Most of it is just pop music wannabes. It seems like everyone who has failed in every other genre of music ends up in country. Yes, I'm looking at YOU Jessica Simpson.

It's all so contrived and I can't believe people fall for it.

I don't have anything personally against Taylor Swift. She seems like a nice enough girl and really is country music. I just don't care for her music much. Btu at least she's not as fake as, say Ms. Simpson.

Now, you wanna play some Earnest Tubb or Kris Kristopherson or Johnny Cash or Hank Williams Sr or Patsy Cline or some others from that generation and before even then I'll bring the beer over and we'll have a good old time listening to some great old music. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I do have to disagree with Jay - I didn't like Jessica Simpson's pop stuff, but I think she's doing a really good job in the country world!

Also - "Picture to Burn" - that's the one I meant to say is too high school for me, not the cheating one. Taylor Swift is a beauty too!

And, about your brother . . . I'm in my mid-twenties and single . . . not HOT, but cute . . . ! :)


Farmer*swife said...

Jessica Simpson? Yeah. Um. Wasnt' the original Daisy Duke a brunette? LOL.

I've got some Patsy! Luuuuv me some good ol'Patsy!

Oh, and Kris Kristopherson actually narrated the story behind the song "Eight of November" sang by B&R. It's a great song about the war and that big hat Big Kenny wears was from that soldier.

Great story!

Thanks for the opinions and the reading. em My Big Lil'Bro is awesome. Too bad you live so far!

Farmer*swife said...

Oh, and cute is great!!!!

Knight said...

I like Bluegrass. But I didn't follow much of the rest of the post. I did think it was crazy that the Dixie Chicks got so much hate mail and the death threats just because one felt like voicing her opinion. It might not have been the best time to say it but having the right is part of what our country is about.