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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday's Vlog! Bloggie Appreciation Prize!!!

Hi Y'all! I did a little vlog and within I discuss a little prize opportunity I wanna' offer up in appreciation of bloggies, friends, and just in thanks for all the happiness I have! It's wet outside. Muddy, rainy. And, I'm beaming with Happiness! Must be that "Tiramisu" coffee creamer or sum'thin'! So, watch on for the low down! [The quality came out crappy on You-Tube too.  Go figure....]
Don't forget. To participate and earn a chance at the "Prize Package" all you have to do is comment to this vlog. You may comment more than once, so long as it is a true comment and not a cheatie way of getting an extra entry. For each comment, I'll put the nickname of that bloggie on a piece of paper and we will have a drawing to announce the winner. The entry deadline is noon on Friday, this Friday, September 26th. That way, I'll have time to get ready for the drawing so that Lil'Gal and/or Farmer, Jr. can draw a name from the Stetson and I can announce the winner in time to get a mailing address to send the package out by Monday. I hope Monday. Unless, my weekend spills over and I'm not able to fill the box with all the goodies I had intended! Thanks for being so great and reading me. Thanks for watching me. Thanks for feeding my ego. Life is good....even if the boat has a leak. Because a leaky boat is better than no boat at all. As long as we remember to see it that way? Our glass will always be at least half full and our boat at least half empty! Happy Tuesday! Do what floats your boat!



Knight said...

Ooh I love vlog blog awards!

You always comment about bags and face paste but I have to say, you look younger than me in this vlog and I'm only 25 years old. That isn't old is it? Oh no, is it?

Anonymous said...

I think you look young, too. For real!

I want to know how old you really are and your REAL first name. ;)

Farmer*swife said...

ff You wanna know? You gotta win! LOL!!! I'm 36 and two months and one day!

As for the rest? I'll catch ya' on the sly ;-)

knight You are fab for 25! Just start with the skin cream quick! Cuz, suddenly 30 hits and the wrinkles are waiting.... :-{x

Anonymous said...

FW, you are a multi-tasking queen! And it cracked me up when you told Maczine to take care of things or else!

You're 36??? No. Way.
Me, I look every day of my age. Must be the lack of Shiner Bock in my life!

Speaking of supper, I'd better get crackin'. DH is bringing the older 2 boys home with him in 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

it is always like you are doing a food network show! I love it.. and I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!! I ran over here and looked at your blog as soon as my email sound went off on my phone!!

Soooooooo ummmmmmmmmmm! First of all you dont have a country drawl and I do? LOL!! My voice is raspie due to asthma but hey! Your is sweet!

Okay I guess I need to be back to get these goodies.. any chocolate coming this way???

Love ya gal!

Farmer*swife said...

ne, I can do chocolate! I've got a whole cookbook -- all about, the choco-latte'!!!

So far? Four of y'all in the runnin'!!! If others don't wake and smell the coffee and free prizes then I might just have to divvie to the four of ya!

Cuz' I can't leave a Gal hanging when it's just us Gals!

Happy Evening! Y'all ROCK!

Jay said...

I'm here! Put me in the drawing!

What all was in the casserole??

Way to keep Maczine in line there! LOL

Farmer*swife said...

jay: Howdy! First Guy Bloggie! Whoop-tastic for you!

Casserole: It was awesome. DH faired it...but, then hit it for seconds and some scoops that don't count ;-). When he swoops in for seconds and some scraps? That's his 5 star award to me!!!

Very easy. Cooked and seasoned...this will take too long. I'll blog it!!!! I did update it a decade or four...did they have Velveta in 1958??? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Your vlogs are my fave. You are so freakin cute. And you're only 36? Good grief, you aren't old enough to be my mother!! Haha.

And I love your leaky boat thing - especially about the glass being half full or the boat half empty. Totally laughed out loud.

You're so sweet giving a prize away. I always enter these things and never win . . . which is good actually, since I don't want anyone to know where I'm from! But I do think I've given enough hints that people have pretty much figured it out - if not the city, at least the state. Ha. Oh well.

Happy Tuesday night/Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

So what is the prize? Did I hear someone say CHOCOLATE???

And why hasn't Gary chimed in yet?

(Why is my comment all questions?!)

tt said...

Geez-o-pete........I almost missed it?? Nawww....I can't go a day w/o my farmers Wife report!

Who else gives me my morning gigglesnort? You rock gal!

I squish crackers in a baggie too. Only I use my hands cuz it reminds me of playing in the mud and dirt....go figure. Sort of like making meatloaf...I like to squish it between my fingers too. ha
I gotta say, you're a very thoughtful blogger. How sweet of you to think of us and offer us a wee little sumpthin'-sumpthin' from down your way!!
AND...isn't it funny that I get all giddy whenever I hear you say my bloggie name?? I'm weird like that.:)

Happy Wednesday to ya...
( oh, btw--I saw my first billboard advertising Shiner Bock!!..I made an audible gasp and Lovee thought something was wrong..ha...I told him it just made me think of you)

gary rith said...

'..everybody knows Gary...' that cracks me up!!!!!
And here I am, I was just busy working on FW's order yesterday, yes I was....but I am not too late.
And hey, if it, ahem, helps put my entry onto the TOP of the pile, you look MARVELOUS darling!!!!

Farmer*swife said...

I didn't intend this to be a smooozzzFW contest! But, by all means y'all! Keep "poofin' my ego!!!!"

I love when I laugh out loud reading y'alls comments!!!!

kc There'll be a lil'bit of a lotta' stuff!

Don't worry tt, if it got too close to the count down I would have popped you a hint ;-)

[I feel bad I talked about so many of you and I didn't name kcinnova personally and she reads me regularly too. :-S]


gary rith said...

btw, your mug is almost room temp cool, so I can take it out and send you a pic, after about 12:30 your time----and it is all for you--if it is OK (and it looks OK when I peek in) I will ship it UPS Thurs. morning

Baseball Mom said...

I have been reading your blog for a while. (Though have not commented)

Such energy! The vlogs are the greatest.

Have a great day!

Farmer*swife said...

Howdy BBMom! It made me giddy to know I had a silent reader!!! Thanks for commenting!

Ya' know? This gets ya' in for the little prize drawing!!!

[This morning I put some stuff in the box!]


Knight said...

Now I'm all excited. Will you show us what you put in the box? You could vlog it! Or you could force the winner to show us.

I'm also excited to see the mug Gary made. Will it be making an appearance in a future vlog? One of those early morning, waking up each eye kind of vlogs?

gary rith said...

I bet it ends up in a vlog. It looks good and it is BIG. I will post pics Thursday am.

Farmer*swife said...

Whooopeeee! I'm runnin' off to check my ETSY conversations!!!

[Oh, and yes. I'm keepin' a tally of everyone's comments and I put some stuff in the box today. I have a couple of great things i want to send -- but I have to check with the parcel service first ;-) ]

Farmer*swife said...

Oooh, I found something I'd been saving from when I did Southern Living at Home parties -- I put it/them in the box!

Harry said...

Great Vlog, and I will chime in the same -- beautiful kitchen. All I wanna know is what wa sthe casserole? :-)

The cracker idea is fantastic. What I do for breadcrumb topping is take the ends of the loaf ('cause I don't like 'em) and then chop 'em in one of those little food choppers. Turns out great -- then I mixed with melted margarine. But the cracker idea is great -- I may even post on it (and give you credit, of course)
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Harry said...

Oh! A P.S. I chuckled when you said "easy peasy"


tt said...

I just stopped in to 'watch' you again...:)
Have a happy thursday gal!

Farmer*swife said...

I'll vloggie on Friday somethin' new with the drawing! Oh, gosh! That IS tomorrow! I better get shaking and bakin'!!

Will UPS deliver alcohol? Hmmmmm...


Baseball Mom said...

FW - I am all about the alcohol. I am going to look see about those Shiner Bock's you seem to be always drinkin' and talkin' 'bout.

Farmer*swife said...

I was going to sneak a Shiner Bock in the box. I checked the UPS web site and "they'll only ship the alcohol item if I am licensed or the recipient is legal and purchased here locally and then requested shipping."

Bleep. Anyone know a loop-hole around this? There are always loop-holes?

I just don't want to end up in "DATE LINE" as a "Bloggie gone bad!"

Anonymous said...

Are you putting one of those bitty bottles of "Vitamin V" in the box? *teehee* that would go great in Saturday morning orange juice!

I've mailed bottles of wine to a friend who came out here to visit and purchased them, but couldn't take them as carry-on items on the plane. But I think maybe? I might have labeled the box fruit preserves...or something like that.
Anyhoo, that might get you a "Bloggie doggone good!" ;)

Anonymous said...

dangit, Blogger at my comment!

As I was saying....

Regular reader? Did you call me a regular reader? I think I nearly qualify for stalker status, I'm here so often!! lol
Except for the weekends, when dh is around to notice that I'm on the computer AGAIN!!

And I'm lovin' the green background. Easy on the eyes, it is.

Anonymous said...

um, don't count this one...I'm just correcting the one above: it should read, "Blogger ATE my comment."

Knight said...

Oh the competition is on over here! I think we are all trying to be nice and not attack you with comments. You have recently "gone Gary" on us and started with the multiple posts a day so I'm having trouble keeping up. Are you just trying to hide this older post and make us hunt for it? Sneaky! I was thinking I need to take a trip to the big beer store that does a lot of importing to see if I can find some Shiner Bock. You always get my taste buds curious. Mmmmm

Farmer*swife said...

So, our fav dentalist had high speed and there were two other networks there but LOCKED.

So, I was about to blog the recipe for that 1958 "Savory Hamburger Casserole" when I got hit by the writers bug and started clickity-ing away at the article I told Lis [creator and editor of Root & Sprout] that I'd try to squoosh out by tomorrow for October's issue!!!

Got home and popped Macxine's screen up? Super-squeeeee! I had 30 comments for all types of posts!

Yeah, Like Faith Hill's song says...I'm a LUCKY [Girl]Gal!

Anonymous said...

FW, I'm hoping for the casserole recipe soon! (And I'm hoping my picky kids will ALL like it!)

You crack me up, girl. You've got me sayin' "Squeeeeeee!" and between you & Harry, there's even some "easy-peasy" comin' out of my mouth and my fingertips. ;)

I commented back to you over at my place this morning, come by and chat!

And now? I'm making eggs and GRITS!! (mmmmmm....grits!!) for breakfast. See, I'm thinking of you today!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

DANGIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT I would be the first this morning to say:
"MY FW, you look so nice and charming this morning......."
and I didn't know that about the crackers, you're BRILLIANT too aren't you????????????

tt said...

I see you've had 33 comments on this so far! Gracious sakes girl. You be popular.

I'm never lucky at winning things...well, 'cept maybe my Lovee :)...but it's still fun to try. The return label would be the best prize!!!!!! Then I could send you little cards and such from time to time. You know...just to say HI and how ya doing...and thanks for keeping me entertained and such!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Lovee and TT are such a cute couple.
FW, would you ever post a pic of yourself and your husband? And did I miss it, or have you told us the romantic story of how you met and married?

Anonymous said...

Gary just needs to wake up earlier if he wants to be first! *snicker*

Actually, this morning I've had 3 (count 'em, THREE!!!) cups of coffee in my wonderful mug from potter Rith. O Happy Day :)
Then I popped back over here and watched your vlog again, because it just makes me smile. :) Well, that and it cracks me up when you pause to see if Maczine is still trackin' you. *tee hee*

I agree with Gary, we need a nice story of how you & your farmer met. :)

Anonymous said...

Guess what? I just pimped you on my bloggie! :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

why did the duck watch Farmer's wife's cooking vlog?
Cause she wanted to learn how to make a quackerole!!!!!!!!!
hoohooooooohoooooo I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Anonymous said...

LOL, Gary!! Poor quackers, they were all smashed. SMASHED QUACKERS!! I think they were having VT's with Farmer*sWife! LOL

FW, yep, there are a few leftovers here, if you don't cold scrambled eggs with cheese and cold grits. (Sadly, that is probably what I will be eating for lunch-on-the-run.) H-J and SM love them some cheesy eggs. :)

Farmer*swife said...

Breakfast AND a joke? How magnif-eek!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

MAGNIF-quack! I better get some work done, but I shall return--thanks for the fun FW!!!!!!!!

Knight said...

Hey Gary, she did post a pic of the whole fame for lil' gals birthday I think it was and then there was a pic of the two of them on vacation. (I'm a long time stalker) I also know that DH proposed at the Alamo in front of everyone. Very romantic!

tt said...

Lawdie...I had to go to "older posts" !! Holy Quackers!!!
I seriously just quacked myslef up.
I'm wishing there was some way for all the bloggers to get together and have a huge get together. Wouldn't that be fun!!! FW could cook and serve stuff from GR's pottery and we could all sit around and tell jokes and....pass wind...ha ha ha ha ha ha....or not :)
Happy drawing gal!

tt said...

I'm gonna go over and stalk Kc and knight for a bit.
I need to find out what they're all about.....they obviously LOVE you and anyone who LOVES you has got to be pretty quacky in my book./ that's a good thing.
Gary needs to see that pic of your family. It's a great shot of you and DH I think.
Gotta jet...
be back fairly-quackily-soon. :)

Farmer*swife said...

knight! You Rock!! I was trying to find that post about when DH proposed -- I think I blog it and possibly commented at your place? [Where is my memory going.]

This morning I changed my profile pic from the grain field to the pic of me, DH and Farmer, Jr. at the river


Knight said...

I don't remember if you blogged it but you wrote about it in my comments. I think you did blog it. I'll try to find when that was.

Come on over tt!

Knight said...

Yep, you shared your story in the comments of my Sep 3rd post "Romance and Sh!$" Keeping it clean over here ;)

So I think you shared your story the next day.

How did yall meet?

tt said...

Went a visited Knight. Wow is she pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta go get the Dad from golf now...
yep..n=my life is full.
Stalk ya later....:)
and KC too....

Knight said...

Geez, I thought for sure gary would jump in at the last minute with ten surprise comments. He is a tough competitor.