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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Come, Follow Me!!! Pandora leads the way....

Howdy Y'all! If you take a little lookie up towards the top under the site meter, you'll see I added the new Blogger Tool to Follow me! So, if you wanna'? Please pop your little self in there to follow the daily ins, outs, and vlogs of Farmer*sWife and her happy little life! Bloggies Rock!!! Oh, and have y'all tried out PANDORA?! It's fabtastic! Thanks Sweet D for the "hook-up"! I'd read and heard about Pandora before but never dropped over there to see what all the hype is about. Well? You can make your own radio stations with ONLY music you choose and like. You pick a genre and/or an artist. Then, it provides a slide show of music and you click a thumbs up or thumbs down if you like or dislike. It's not all your particular artist, either. It's more like "Tivo" for radio. And, you can make up tons of your own radio stations. So, maybe rock today, country tomorrow, classical at bedtime, new get the idea! Macxine and I are jammin' out right now while we are going about our daily duties! So, Come Follow Me and then party at Pandora!! Happy Thursday!!!!!


Knight said...

I discovered Pandora several years ago and immediately started raving to the creator who then sent me a t-shirt. I think that site is the best. I adore it.

Anonymous said...

I already subscribe to you via my google reader. ;)

I forgot about Pandora! Yeah, that shit is pretty cool.

gary rith said...

I have the favorites list down the left side of the computer. I try to go through the 40-60 blogs I follow every day, but yours more often.
Happy weekend FW!

Anonymous said...

Is following the same as subscribing? I'm already one of your stalkers...I subscribed weeks ago! haha

LOVE Pandora, although my dh uses it more than I do. He has his favorite "Neil Young radio" pop up first when we log in.

Anonymous said...

Hello Maa'm

Its me Samby... dropping in to say Hi ! :-)

tt said...

Well, surprise,surprise!! Guess what? I'm go figure.

And...Pandora???? Where is it? I added my TT to follow you...that part I got. ha but the rest I'm confused about. I'm thinking if just the idea confuses me then I need to forget about it. lol..I crack myself up sometimes...:)

Wondered where you were...don't make me worry!
Happy Friday and weekend gal.

Chatty said...

I TOLD you that you would love it! But did ya believe me 3 months ago? Huh? Huh? Nah - it took somebody named Sweet D to convince you to give it a try! *sigh*
It's OK. I forgive you, because you're sweet and funny and you like vodka tonics and wine - and frankly, I'm just happy other people out there are "getting it" when it comes to Pandora, because it's so fantastic - but if not enough people listen, it may go away - and I would HATE that!
So, what lists have you made so far?
Hope you are having a good weekend!