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Saturday, September 27, 2008

SALAD: Farmer*s Wife's Way

Lunch time came around on this beautifully, sunny, crisp and warm South Texas day.  Turkey and Cheese for Farmer, Jr.  Ham and Cheese for DH.  Lil'Gal's not really hungry right now.
ME:  Ensalada mi Amigos!!
I make a fab salad (I make my own bag salad; two gallon size bags at a time) as it is.  I made a couple of bags of salad while at my Dad's in Arkansas earlier this month and my Dad raved!  Course, he raved at just about everything me and my Big-Ll'Bro cooked and served up.  ;-)
But, that is just the "base" the "stock" if you will that I begin one of my salads that I eat for lunch, dinner, etc.  [I love salad.  I eat it every day at least once.  If I don't? My body starts to feel all blah, and heavy.  I need some fresh crisp veggies, daily.]
Farmer*sWife's Home-Made Bagged Salad Recipe:
1 full head of green leaf lettuce
1 full head of romaine lettuce
purple cabbage
purple onion
grated carrots or match stick carrots.
2 large gallon size zip top/lock bags.
Cut each  head of lettuce in half.  Gently chop lettuce head halves and mix 1/2 head of chopped romain lettuce with 1/2 head of chopped green leaf lettuce in one gallon zip bag.  Repeat for the other bag.
Slice purple cabbage according to the thickness which is your preference.  Add, somewhat generously to each bag of lettuce.  Slice some purple onion (thin) and mix in to each bag.  Add grated or match stick carrots -- as many or few as you like.  By hand, toss all ingredients together in bag one.  Repeat for bag two.
These will stay good for over a week!  I eat salad every day and DH eats about every other day so it usually doesn't stick around long enough to go bad anyhow.
Here's the fun part!  Adding the Extras!!  Below is the salad I had for lunch today! MMM-mmm-good!
What do you think?  Looks pretty yummy, huh?  (You can click for a larger view).
The good part comes in when I add to my home-made "bagged salad" all the extra stuff.  I usually add the following:
Sliced Roma tomato
Some diced avocado
Diced boiled egg (if I have on hand)
Sliced pickled jalapenos (I have a whole one here)
Natures Seasoning Salt
Dressing of my liking (Light Italian today) on the side.  Very important.  I like to dip my salad slightly into the dressing so that I am able to control the salad to dressing ratio.  This is very important to me.
I'm an "on the side" Gal.  You know the movie "When Harry Met Sally?"  Sally is my alter ego.  LOL!  Anyhow, this salad was tastefully and terrifically satisfying.  It was -- wait for it -- squeeeee-licious!!!!
Happy Salad Saturday!!!
[Editor's Note:  If I have leftover beans and/or cooked ground beef?  I'll put some in the bottom of my salad bowl and sprinkle with a little cheese.  Then, warm in the microwave.  Then, add all the stuff listed above.  YUMMY!]



tt said...

Well, sugar muffins! I clicked and my view wouldn't get any bigger. Bleepin fudgies.
Like the salad idea.
Once again you gave me yet another good idea.
where have you been all my life babe?

I'm off to feed the big guy now.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Sally is your.........WELL! OH YES!

Lis Garrett said...

Yummy, indeed! My problem is, I love Blue Cheese . . . . no cutting fat and calories there!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Anonymous said...

My fave salad? Mixed greens, crumbled feta cheese, craisins, sliced almonds, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. I can eat a big bowl of that and not need anything else.
I'm thinking lunch!