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Friday, September 26, 2008

Tallys Totals are IN! 36 chances to WIN!

Okay. I counted all the comments at the Bloggie Appreciation Post....unbelievably? I had to do it like three times. Partly because I was also a commenter -- though, that shouldn't have made a difference. Then, knight had the last comment -- but, it posted at 12:01. I missed that at first and that caused me to be off by a count. Then, there was a comment by kc that wasn't a "comment" comment but an explanation I think? About her issues with...commenting. LOL! So, we had a total of ten participants. Some, were more diligent than others. Especially in the last few hours! One or two, I'm thinking didn't realize they could come back and participate more. So, maybe next time? Yes, there will be a next time. This was so fun and brought little high-lights to my day(s) as I stopped by to peep at my email/blog when passing Macxine in route to continue my domestic duties. I feel like everyone enjoyed it and wore an extra smile on their face from time to time while going about their own things. There are 36 entries for the drawing. I have some stuff put together for the "box"(es?). I need to pick up a couple of things and do some baking this weekend for fresh goodies! And, hopefully, I'll have it all taped, packed, wrapped and labeled to go out for Parcel Shipment on Monday!!! ______________________________________________________ I hope to vlog this with the kids when we get home from school and ice cream. But, we might be making a trip into the Big City to pop in and say "Howdy" to Sweet D, since she's been hoping to visit with us. [My BFF and kid's GodMother!] See y'all in a few hours!


Knight said...

That's a pretty good total I would say! I almost jumped back in to say Oh no, off by a minute! Then I realized you had a clean 50 comments and I didn't want to mess that up. Even numbers!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

listen, just save yourself some trouble and toss all those other entries in the trash---I can email you my PO box address now, and THANKS!

Anonymous said...

yay! i didn't realize we could keep on entering. lol

oh well, i'm sure i won anyway. :P

i want an IRL BFF. You're so lucky!!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Ignore those other people. I am certain I will WIN!

tt said...

Gary's so funny isn't he?! lol
this was fun.
Can't wait for the results.
Pat the urchins for me. :)