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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dessert! It's Happy Hour!

Okay, Y'all!  Third and last Part of "What's Cookin' in Famer's Wife's Kitchen!"  This is the dessert and I'm vloggin' this just for tt from Paint and Spackle cuz' she voted for it and has been waiting for it -- and, I'm thinking she had a not so great day.
So, I titled this the "dessert" Part (3), but it is an adult or over 21 dessert, however.  So, please do not concoct this fabulous recipe for those under age....LOL!
Here we go!
Don't ya' just love how You-Tube changes the intro to your upload with a photo op from the middle? Instead of the "beginning?" Yeah, they are so full of witt over there! Enjoy and Happy Tuesday! Whoop! Tomorrow's Hump-Day! So celebrate, Farmer*sWife's Way! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I've never had a vodka tonic. That does sound good. And who knew tonic had calories? I just thought it was fizzy water. LOL

tt said...

OMG!!!!!! you so cracked my...uh me up!!!I've still got the giggles....{{gigglesnorting bunches}}}
You did shooters??!! for real??? I've gotta get a Texas size purse to put you in!! it's done!! it's official...I'm keeping you forever!
I seem to like these!!!! alot tonight don't I?
As you know, I'm a 7&7 kinda girl...but when ETK and i go to chi-town...I'm gonna have me one or possibly two of those...maybe more, we'll see. We shall toast Farmer*s wife. yay!!!!!
Thanks for the totally made my day all better.

gary rith said...

what would we do without you, FW?

tt said...

Gary...let's never find out...ok?

Knight said...

I LOVE the first way! That was hilarious. I'm a vodka tonic girl myself but I always use lemon. I'm going to try it as shots next time. I'm still laughing.

g-man said...

HA! that was too funny. (although that is how I make margaritas ;)

bandnhurt said...

You crack me up! I vote to keep them coming! I LOVE What's Cookin' in Farmer's Wife's Kitchen!" Give us more, give us more, give us more!!!!

Krishna said...

LMFAO! Keep it up and you will be drunk before DH gets home. LOL

Anonymous said...

ROTFL, that first recipe!!!
First I was thinking, what a CUTE shot glass (where did you get a square one?) then I thought, good gravy, she's just doing shooters!

VT's were my standard in my earlier years. They uh, sorta tend to worry less about carding if you aren't ordering foo-foo drinks like the rest of the underage crowd. (oops, did I just say that?!)

I'm going to have one soonish, just in honor of you, Gal!

Anonymous said...

U r a hoot!!! i laughed my arse off!!