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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Put Your Big CowGirl Boots on and DEAL WITH IT!

The Gremlins invaded my castle today while we were at church and CCD.  I guess I did lose a day yesterday -- had to go through the leftover junk at the old house and trash or treasure it as my FIL is about to have some work done on the old place before my Baby SIL moves in.
So, we walk in today at "feed me now" lunch time for DH and the youngins'.  Suddenly, I'm overwhelmed with the mess.  Dust bunnies.  Left over cookie sheet and cooking rack in the sink (my Mom and Baby-est Bro didn't leave until about 10:pm which is way late over here.)  Yes, the rack and sheet were from my baking some goodies to send in the prize packages. ;-)
The laundry gets folded today or Monday's during a soap.  It's exploded again and we are all about out of.....guess it?  Socks.  Chicken Biskets!  [I hate to sort socks.]
Farmer, Jr. and DH went back to the old place to donate what was left of treasure and I get to go this week and bag the trash left over.  Lil'Gal begins whining or moaning about something and I'm frustrated and at my "no patience level."  I'm peeved.  Why?  It's Sunday.  It's a good day.
Then, I pop in to check my email and type up the recipe for said items I baked.  [I like to share that way.  And, you never know about allergies and stuff.]  I saw I had a new follower on my Blog!  YAY!  So, I popped in to her place.
Apparently, her Lil'Grand-Gal had had a seizure and stopped breathing!  GASP!  It woke me up completely to my irritated attitude.  Let me explain:
Lil'Gal was about three months old.  I was nursing her.  I would notice that at night she would almost choke in her bassinet.  She was gurgling and basically drowning in her milk.  So, I started putting her up in the bouncer so that she was very inclined and head elevated.  I mentioned to the pediatrican that the spit up would just drool down the side of her mouth.
Drool is natural, he tells me.  [Um, no kiddin'?  This ain't my first rodeo doc?  Remember?  She's kiddo numero dos.]
It's a Saturday morning.  I have a cold coming on and am feeling under the weather.  I'm playing with Lil'Gal on our bed and she's laying down flat on her back.  Suddenly?  She passes out and become lathargic.  HOLY GASP!  I tussle her softly on the bed and stimulate her.  She wakes.  Whew! " Scared me for a minute there Gal.  Thought you quit breathing on me." I say to her.
Seconds later?  It happens again.  And, she doesn't come back so quickly.  I grab her and throw her on my shoulder.  I'm calling out her name as half calmed yet totally panicked as I can.  I'm grabbing the phone.  I'm calling DH, I'm calling anyone, I'm calling everyone!  I finally get her "revived?" yet she still seems a little lathargic.  
DH screams into the driveway.  I don't even remember who or how Farmer, Jr. ended up with my MIL.  We are on our way to the hospital and I'm in the back seat of the SUV with a mirror to Lil'Gal's nose so I can see her breaths and make sure they don't cease again.
We get her to the hospital.  They run all types of tests.  We get her on an apnea monitor.  Which we kept her on for three our four months.  Until the register showed a normal amount of episodes.  Apparently?  All babies have apnea episodes when they sleep.  We just aren't aware of it. God's way of keeping us sane, I guess.  But, when it is a high number?  You have to treat it.
I'd stay with her in the living room.  Her in her bassinet and me on the couch.  My eyes popping open every few minutes -- I didn't sleep for days, I don't think.  I'd make sure the little light was still blinking.  The monitor did have an alarm, too.  Which would sound when she had an episode and when at night, in a calm, dark and quiet house?  It would pierce my mind and my heart would explode and then I wouldn't sleep another wink that night.
We put her on...oh, I can't remember...regland?  But, it was for reflux.  It helped.  Once she got on solids the problem pretty much fixed itself and she outgrew the issue.  Though, the first night without that monitor?  Was unnerving for me.
She's fine now.  Oh, sure.  We've been through two eye surgeries because her brain never "syncronized" her eyes together.  We've had the bladder reflux which I previously posted here. And, surgery that fixed it (click here for more on that)
for the most part. Though, she still has an irritated and spastic bladder.  But, she's here.  She's happy.  She's intelligent.  Her brain works, her body works, and she's my angel.
So, it took me back to the cap I found today at Tractor Supply and DH purchased it for me because he likes me in a cap.  Which, I rarely wear.
It's cute and a little blingy and it's pink and all that Gallie-Gal stuff.  That's the pic of it up there.  On the front is a multi-colored Cow and she's putting on her Big Cowgirl Boots.
The message reads, "Put Your Big Cowgirl Boots on and Deal With It."  The back, clasp reads, "Deal With It."  ABSOLUTELY.
I'm going to fuss and moan and be disgruntled because of dust bunnies?  Because of loads of unfolded laundry?  Because my beautiful, perfect Lil'Gal knows how to push my buttons and get what she wants?  Because she isn't afraid to speak her mind or share her opinion or feelings?
Farmer*sWife!  You have THE LIFE!  So, when it gets a little crazy?  I'm wearing my new cap.  Like I am right now.  I'm puttin' those big CowGal boots on and I'm totally going to, "Deal With IT!"
Happy Sun-Dealin' Day!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

What was that, something about baking and packages?
Goodness, your daughter has had some challenges, but she is lucky to have such a good mom, isn't she?

Knight said...

I can't even imagine how terrified you must have been. I'm sorry you have had to go through so many scary things with the kids. You must be unusually strong.

tt said...

I'm with ya. Completely. I have a simular story concerning my 'babyboy' who's now, 31! He fell off a balcony onto the concrete sidewalk and landed on his head! Long story..but when you 'almost' lose a really puts things into perspective. Keeps it real. But being the humans we sometimes takes a memory jog to remind us not to sweat the small stuff....because most of it is small stuff.

You are a fantastic mom babe...never doubt that...ever!
(love that hat btw!!!)

Farmer*swife said...

gary Yes, I baked for you/y'all ;-D

knight Not so strong when I lose it and flip out with a temper tantrum of my own. Geeze. Shame on me.

tt Thanks. It is hard, but when reminded of how we could have lost them - in less than a second, in a heart beat? Then, I never want to over scold or take them for granted...but, then. That wouldn't be good parenting either.

Cheese & Rice. Parenting is awesome, fantabulously. But, it is HARD.

Happy Sunday Night! Oh, and I got my boots on straight now!

Anonymous said...

This explains a lot about your wonderful positive attitude. My littlest one was choking in the hospital a few hours after birth. I thank God I was watching him in his bassinet instead of snoozing myself.
You're right: "Parenting is awesome, fantabulously. But, it is HARD."

I can now see "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it" stuff in a new light (I never liked it before.) But I like the saying on your hat much better! :)