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Monday, September 29, 2008

SCOOBA: iRobot

I totally want one of these.  It's the new iRobot, which I've been considering and thus researching cost, and ability of the unit which is what lead me to this.
Easily accessible?
Easy filling and emptying?
The scrub brush comes out easily, just like on my Bissell Flip-It and it goes -- in the dishwasher!
Obviously, it can't totally replace a good old fashion "Flip-It" job by me?  But, I wouldn't be worried about dust bunnies floating along the baseboards so often!  I'm getting a warm and tingly feeling -- just from watching the video!  Now, I'm going to watch it in action! It' a Music Video! "i" just might have to have an "iRobot" Scooba. Yes. I really am so easy to please. :-)



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Tricia said...

That thing saved my child from crawling through mounds of dog hair...until all the dog hair helplessly clogged it. But I really did love it...sob.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I want one!!! And a roomba too while we're at it. :P

Jay said...

I want a Rosie Robot like the Jetsons' had to do all of the housework.

tt said...

Umm, so How do I email you if I don't have your address???

g-man said...

You really are a "gadget" girl.

Have you seen the SNL skit of the "woumba" ?

Farmer*swife said...

g-man, I went and googled it. Do they make one for men, though?

Anonymous said...

What I want is something that will automatically clean the floors without me having to constantly babysit the machine...175 square feet doesn't cut it for me. Does that make me lazy? (I'd guess....YES!)