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Monday, September 1, 2008

What's Cookin' in Farmer*s Wife's Kitchin'!!! (Part 2)

Okay.  I wanted all this in the same day.  And, I had to drive 25 minutes and back 25 minutes after post one to pick up Farmer, Jr. (which he was unhappy about) from the field to get him home in time for them to bathe and me to get the fajitas seasoned and the pit hot -- and dinner cooked and them fed by 6:30pm.  [It's a school night, again.  And, they are re-adjusting, after a long weekend.]  I sped through my little part two!
So, DH will be in late.  I grilled fajitas on the gas grill.  We have another pit.  But, it's not here yet and it's for those big things like a brisket.  That we get the mesquite all hot and coals settled and then cook it for  hours and hours!  Yum!  But, for fajitas and most quick dinners?  The gas grill rocks!!!
FYI, this views much better directly from You-Tube.  So, if it's too blurry go here:  Course, Macxine's view is the bestest!!! :-D
[Left out, once cooked, slice against the grain.  That way the meat is really tender and you aren't bustin' a tooth or jaw to widdle it swallow-able! ;-D] So, below you will find my pinto bean recipe.  I will say, not to brag, but most people who eat my pinto beans -- love them!  Kids, included.
Farmer*s Wife's Pinto Bean Recipe:
~Per 1 pound of dried pinto beans.  Rinse beans and cover in a pot with about two to three inches of water.  You will have to add more water occasionally.  Some people like to add tons of water at first -- but, often the beans end up tasting watery (to me).  I like to concentrate the flavor so, I just add more (Warm to Hot) water as needed.
Oh, and DON'T SOAK THE BEANS, please.  See?  When you soak them, they do soften.  Because they have filled up with water.  So, when you cook them -- they won't absorb all the flavor so well of the "Pot Liquor."  [ie: the accumulations of flavors in the bean broth as they cook.]
FYI?  Adding cold water will cause the beans to split and the skin will separate.  Not as good to eat that way. :-(
~Salt, I use Sea Salt.  It has a deeper flavor and I think less sodium?  [IE: Cambell's Soup Commercials?]
Comino (same thing as cumin) -- two tablespoons?  [I don't measure.]
~1 can rotel or generic variety diced tomatoes and peppers; medium (personally, I prefer the hot. But it's not kid or friend - friendly, LOL!)
~One chicken bouillon cube; "Knorr" brand is my preference over Wyler's for this recipe.  But, I always say?  Make due with what'cha got!
~1 cup rinsed, fresh cilantro "leaves" (don't throw the stems in, please.)  If you don't like cilantro?  Leave it out.  But, it does affect flavor differently in a recipe when it is cooked -- rather than fresh.
~Salt Pork.  Like six to eight slices.  Yep!  Like me some salt pork.  If you don't like pork there are two things you can do to add to the flavor.  a) add another chicken bouillon cube; b) I like to add a package of ranch dip mix.
Ranch Dip:  Hidden Valley is supreme, but it is going up in cost so quickly!  So, I've tried and found a generic that works about as well and saves me 50 cents or more a package.  You do what works for you. 
Also, sometimes, while checking the flavor of the "pot liquor"  I will decide if this particular pot of beans is still missing something.  And, so, I'll add the ranch dip in addition to everything else.
Boil, a watched pot, stirring occasionally so they don't stick and burn to the bottom -- YUCK!
If you are worried that they might take too long to get soft; or, are just a beer lover.   You can soak the beans for about five to ten minutes in a "light beer" (no strong beer flavors here) and then add the rest of everything else as you bring to a boil.  [Yes, leave the beer in! Yum!]
I do this occasionally....(the alcohol cooks out, y'all.  I'm not contaminating my children, LOL!)
So, I think that is everything!  
Happy Labor Day and Happy Cookin'!!!!
[I didn't edit cuz' it's time to read books.  So, I forgive me typos and I'll come back later for a quick fix!]



Anonymous said...


I am sooooo comming over for dinner!!!


Farmer*swife said...

ne yeah! Gal! Squeeeee!, where've you been??? You are lurkin' but no bloggie lottie -- not prob though. I get'cha!

THX for stoppin' in! To Go plate? LOL!

tt said...

stayed up late just to see part 2..
excellent! Love the bean recipe...I'll give that a go too.

sweet dreams!

aoc gold said...

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gary rith said...

You're the absolute best chef, and I didn't know that about pinto beans?
We'll talk peanut butter cups later on!
AND you're quite a comic too!