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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Any given Snotty Sunday!

She's alive!!! Yes! Our priest was sick this morning so early mass got out really early....which is a good thing because now I don't have to feel guilty about skipping. Because, technically? I didn't. He did. ;-D I found out in the drive through line of our local Mom and Pop taqueria. Some of our morning church breakfast crowd popped to the window to tell me. I shared that I was sick and they, of course, immediately backed away from my window. I didn't take it personally. I almost didn't make the trip in for the tacos for me and the youngins. But, DH was working the church bar-b-que fundraiser -- cutting brisket. And, I was pretty sure he'd helped himself to a taco on the way in this mornin.' And, seein' as how I missed out last week due to Lil'Gals diarrhea incident....I pulled myself together enough and we all loaded up to hit the drive though. The kids enjoyed this too as they were able to load up in their jammies, all white trash and shoeless. I did dress. And, put on my CowGirl Up Cap....cuz' I was Dealin' with It. That, being miserable sick and all. Anyhow, when DH got home he volunteered to take the kiddos to their b-day party in town so I could rest. So, I did actually lay down for about twenty minutes -- that shortly turned into two hours! WOW! What a wonderfully, yet guilting, waste of time! And, it was fabulous! I woke up feeling Fabulicious, almost. I meanedered to the kitchen to find some food for my medicine/dingy head cold sinus crap and chatted a few with Sweet D on aim. Then, I told her I should shout out to those of you who have shared concern and best wishes for me. Thanks!
Well, with that I still have all those clothes to fold.  And, I have to make the invitation to hand out tomorrow for our little Fall Costume "Halloween" party.  I'm sure once the family returns here shortly?  I'll be expected to be up to true fashion.  Because, Mama's aren't supposed to be sick.  It just doesn't work that way.
I tried to find the country song that goes with this....about, "and I thought I was strong."  It was talking about the Mama of the house.  But, I couldn't find it.  So.  Bleep.  This is all you get.
Hey look!  Embedding is allowed!!!!  
Happy [un-snotty] Sunday!!!!



Krishna said...

You go --you white trash shoeless girl. Hope ya feel better soon. It totally sucks to be sick and be mom. I'm feeling fantastic now except for my left ear which feels a bit clogged. check out my blog to find out what made me feel better.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Queenie likes to read and hear the cussing... it makes her feel good... but,, your #$@@#$ works just fine.. let's me fill in the blanks...

when you type %$#@ you may mean dang... but I read $h!t.. so,, it makes my day.. I like.. see... she says worse words than I do...

have a great evening.. and yeppers... I'm here every day.. sometimes twice a day.. can't always make the comment box work.. but.. when I get a new computer,, you are sooooooo gonna be sick of me... ha ha

Anonymous said...

So, if you stay home from mass because you're sick, and then the priest does the same, you didn't technically skip mass? Ummmm....I'm confused!
I let my MusicMan stay home and sleep today, because he was busy from 9am-2am with the band. He needed some Zzzz's. I think it saved me from getting my head bitten off by a teenager!

Nope, mamas aren't supposed to be sick, but sometimes they are. When your babies are older, you can milk this for some sympathy and a day off. You're only a few years away from it! Hang in there. ;)

Anonymous said...

*snicker* everyone needs a white trash day now and then!

Chatty said...

I'm glad to hear that you are seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and that you are feeling better!
I love this line:
"The kids enjoyed this too as they were able to load up in their jammies, all white trash and shoeless."
It conjures up a great mental picture of giggling kids having a special treat, and ALSO reminds me of those great times during summers in Oklahoma when my Aunt would load us all up in the truck in our jammies and take us to the drive-in. She brought pillows, and we would conk out one by one - I don't think any of us ever made it to the second feature! I bet lots of people have those memories IF they are old enough to remember drive-ins! Or at least, the days when drive-ins used to be all over the place...unlike now.

tt said...

So, you got Puff's plus?? Hope so...otherwise you're gonna have that peelie nose thing going on.:(

Happy Monday gal! I'm off to get my tatah's life is full too.