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Friday, October 17, 2008

MRI: Update, and other stuff.

We are back!  All went well.  Of course, once you get there (and, I've been through this a time, or two, or three) they tell ya' all the blah, blah and then the risks and then I always get a little ancy and suddenly I had this feeling that maybe I should just swoop up my boy and exit outa' there.
But, they know what they are doing.  [Or, so we have to believe and trust and have faith in the guy upstairs lookin' out for us.]  Anyhow.  Farmer, Jr. has been through some anesthesia before (the whole appy thing) and came out sleepy but starving!
This time...I was prepared for the same.  Me and Sweet D gave him several offers of what he would like to eat once we left.  The nurses said, clear liquids and bland diet.  Me, the Mom, is thinking you don't know my kid.  The boy will want food.
And, he did.  But, when we walked in?  He threw up the blue gatorade they gave him prior to leaving.  I don't know why they do gatorade?  If I'm nauseous?  Gatorade will surely push me over the limit.  He apparently?  Kept down the apple juice.  But, that's just from a Mom's perception of the liquids that exited his mouth.
Poor Little Guy.  So, I took him to the vehicle to relax and Sweet D went back in to get him some macaroni and cheese, and some mashed potatoes.  [These were mentioned by the nurse as acceptable.]
We get home, and though still a little queasy -- Farmer, Jr. can wait no more.  He is very hungry.  He is not one to skip breakfast, or any meal.  Three or four bites and "yumming" to himself...he decided to take a break (fearful of the nausea).
A little while later?  He was back for a second course.  Everything went well for the MRI and apparently the pics came out well.  Though, I have to wait until Monday to call the Neurologist's office for the results and reading.  [As much as this exam cost?  You would think they would kindly call me.  But, apparently, it doesn't work this way.]
As I left this morning DH said, "Be safe, good luck, and....I hope this isn't all for nothing."  I know what he meant because he didn't want Farmer, Jr. to have to be under anesthesia for no reason.  But, still?  I thought to myself, "I hope it IS all for nothing.  And, that there is no severe issue to be dealt with."  My thinking in this is to rule out the nasty words that were unlikely, but still a possibility.  Like...the "T" word.
So.  All is well.  And, we are home and hoping for all the good news to come.
On a side note.  I awoke at 3:00 a.m. this morning.  Actually, Farmer, Jr. woke me to snuggle up in my spot.  So, I made a potty break only to come back to DH snoring.  So, I went to Farmer, Jr.'s wait and anticipate my phone giving me the wake-up buzz at 4:00 a.m.
Yeah.  So, I'm pretty sleepy.  
Today is my Fab FIL's birthday.  And, I believe we are all going out to dinner to celebrate. Which is great!  Except that I don't know if I'll make it that long.  Unless, my Little Man will let me lay next to him and sleep through the cartoons.  Until, I leave to pick up Lil'Gal.  But, that is all a bore to you so not sure why I'm sharing.
Oh, yeah. So, I can get those sweet pity comments ;-).
I'm peaved that my stupid click links never work -- or, hardly ever.  Bleep!  So, here are the web sites to cut and paste so you can check out all the deals Harry shares with us and maybe get an award at "Fairy Princess'" place.
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Happy Yippidy-Doo-Daaa Friday!!!!!!!
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Karen said...

Nice to have that MRI over, huh? And I too hope it was all for nothing. Peace of mind is priceless, so it's not really for nothing, right?

I hope you get a chance to nap today so you can enjoy the birthday dinner.

Lis Garrett said...

Wait! Why have I not a clue as to what you are talking about?? What's this with Farmer, Jr. getting an MRI? Why? Why? Why?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I am glad that things seem OK so far!

kcinnova said...

Hang in there -- when EB had his MRI a few years ago, it took a week (and a personal visit) for the neurologist to "read" the results (view the image).
Hope you got some sleep before the party!

I'm home for the night(7 hours or so) before heading back to a women's retreat. Most were spending the night and consuming about 6 bottles of wine!!! but my MIL & I came home to sleep.
I just had to check in on you & your little man.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get really good news on the MRI,, and don't be shy about a personal visit if they don't get the results to you in a timely manner... it's not unheard of.. their time is important.. yours isn't... or so they say..

On a side note.. cuss words do speed up the reading.. I'm just saying..

Anonymous said...

Glad the MRI went ok and is over. I sure hate having to take kids for any kind of test, I am sure that was rough.

But it is over now!