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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Fairy Tale Award!

So, I've been visiting a "True Fairy Tale Princess" and her magical castle!  She always has One More Fairy Tale to share! And, today? She shared awards....color coded for our blogs! Here's mine? I'm going to display it on the left side bar along with my other sweet awards!! Isn't that sweeeeet! Yeah. But, you can't have one. Nope. It's a long hard detailed process to earn one of these personalized awards for your page. I mean, it wouldn't be as simple as clicking here and commenting. No way. Everyone knows you can't get a nice, stylish award that even matches your blog there. So, don't bother. Cuz' only like three of us commented made the cut. And, the Princess in her fairy tale castle? Is very particular. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And, on this note? Of, Pimpin! Me? Not "One More Fairy Tale" princess...cuz' I don't think I pimped her out? Did I? I'm always popping in at Harry's Place and constantly getting the hook up for coupons....Not just any coupon. But, like free Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaners, and a $1.50 off Fantastic, and tons of other stuff. I've gotten free Oprah Magazines, a Free Zip Lock vacuum package, and so many other things! FREE! Or, cheap! Oh, and recipes? And, tips to make a home cooked meal every night? Even, if you are working at the office or out of the home. So, there's another Pimp right there. Maybe y'all visit Harry but don't comment. Sheeze. Y'all don't know what you are missin' over there. So, pop in. Click the link here and check it out!!!!! Happy Day!!!!!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

One fifty off fantastic?????
BTW--Buster and Penny thank you once again for the doggy treats--Penny knows you got them for her 'cause of the beagle on the box.

Anonymous said...

OMG... you so pimped her out.... ha ha ha.... not me man.. I took my award and ran....I gave birth to that talent... that should be enough.. right? No way would I brag on

No way... that would be very rude for a mom to do.. right?

love your post girlie... have a great evening..

tt said...

Ok...I totally fell for it...i clicked on your links but got NOTHING!! seriously.
Now I'm sad.
I love coupons....
still sad....
and tips...everyone loves tips...yes?
still sad...
exits sniffing}}}

Anonymous said...

tt is linky love happening when we click...

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Thanks so much for pimping me ... site is (there, I pimped myself) :-)