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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Here's a cute one...but I hate Pepsi. Gosh Darn! I LOVE the internet!!!!!! Rock Your Saturday!


Chatty said...

Hi there, cutie!

This has NOTHING to do with your blog today, but...since I was here, checking things out (as per usual), I was reading your new fun phrases, and had to add one of my own.

I love "Cheese 'n RICE!"

And, having just been over to Harry's blog, I noticed (again) that you are also a loyal reader.

In fact, I'm so happy I told you about him - you guys get on like a house afire!

Isn't blogging a wonderful thing? I do so love it when we are able to spread the good word amongst kind people of similar interests!

I'm sure Harry has thanked you, but I wanted to thank you, too - for mentioning excellent blogs and for doing your best to let others know.

You rock!

Chatty said...


Here's another thing that has NOTHING to do with your blog today, but just goes to show you how incredibly lame I am...

See, I was over at Harry's site, and had been reading a while (as I do), and he had this video - of you, talking about hydrogen peroxide, and...well, I was watching, and just felt I HAD to comment on it - but TOTALLY FORGOT that I was at Harry's site - so made a comment there that was meant for YOU!

Sheesh! Anyway, I obviously left it at Harry's site, but thought I really should come over here and leave it where it was intended to be, so, here it is...(and I bet Harry is wondering what the heck I meant about Gary mugs - but hey, I left the link to Gary's site, so maybe someone else will find out about him through my mistake - that would be cool!)

I’ve been using peroxide for cleaning all my life - I remember my grandmother using it when I was very young, during the summers I spent in Oklahoma with her. It pretty much passed over my head at the time - but then, a few years later, when my mom gave me a toothbrush and a bottle of peroxide - I knew what to do with them! I had no idea other people didn’t know about it - which just goes to show how IMPORTANT it is to share! I really fell down on that one. We should NOT assume that just because WE know something, that everybody else does!

So, thanks for that reminder. It’s not just about peroxide - each of us knows all SORTS of things that we probably assume others know as well - but maybe they don’t!

And, I just LOVE your “Gary” mug!

I have ordered four of his mugs for my cousins as Christmas presents - one with a cow jumping over the moon, one with 3 little piggies, and two that Gary created specially - an angel, and a frog on a lily pad with a black glaze on the mug but the frog part (the handle) green. They are fantastic! (and now, having them in my hands - it’s going to be tough to give them to the people for which I intended them!)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Goodness, thanks Chatty--
I was just going to say who cares about Pepsi? This ad is smokin'!

Tink said...

Beyonce is so hot. Gotta love a girl with curves. Cool commercial. I hadn't seen that one yet.

Anonymous said...

When was this commercial? I'm a Diet Coke gal myself, but I did like this advertisement...
Strong women rock. ;)