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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When you wanna?

OMG! [Interpret, for the few who are new Oh My Gosh] as in meaning I am so tired I can't type straight. Meaning...appropriately and fitting the dictionary interpretation and linguistics of what I type. Though, my font is small....and, my brain is on "recharge." Well, no, cuz a full, true, recharge requires that you turn off said unit or at least flip the top down so that the unit may recharge at full capicity. But, I can't. Because three of the three and a half-a-beds are taken. And, one is snoring. And, one hogs the bed. And, one wiggles constantly so that a Farmer*sWife can't get a good nights sleep. The half-a-bed is a fantastic Queen Sized Fold Out couch bed. But, that requires moving [stuff] to make fold out room...and, the fantastic fluff that makes it fantastic to sleep on. Ultimatum: There is the new cool couch. Perfectly centered in the house. To be slightly immune? Yet, fully aware of any noise. Whether child dream? Need? Alternate Adult snore? Mouse fart, or ticking of loved Country clock [clock, not crock as to be confused with the grande margerine spread.] I rambling? Hmmm. Let me think a minute. Sleep aid kick in? Nope. Favorite show to fall alseep to watched? Nope. Is it on? Yep. Should me and Macxine move to the only room left in the house that is allowed to make noise under Farmer*sWife's rules? ??? YES.
*snicker* Show's funny.  *snicker* The boy is right.  *snicker* wait.  you aren't snickering because you aren't watching the show.  Okay.  Forget the show...It doesn't matter.  What matters?  Is that I'm wasting time.  Mine to fall asleep?  And, yours to read how I'm complaining about it.
[Don't grammar or spell check me....not fair....after 10:pm.  Hey?  My world?  My blog?  My rules....But, I love that you are here!  I fake the attitude?  Don't take it personally?  Stay?  OK.]
So.  I had a whole lot to say earlier....when, I wasn't so sleepy....and worried....about where I could lay my sleepy head down.  Or, about how if I don't get to sleep without being disturbed tonight.  Because, DH was very snoringly disturbing last night -- between him and the night-mares....Oh, my.  I was too afraid to leave the I chose little sleep instead. Crap.  I had some points here.  Oh, yeah.  I had  points.  But, then blogger told me it had an error and I could do everything else but tell y'all about, hmmmm.  What?  Me? Oh, yeah.  My turn to talk.  Um....well see?  That's just the point!  I couldn't share when it all made sense.
So....Good night!  And, Happy Late Night Evening.
And, if you are reading this at dirt-thirty Wednesday morning [Big G] then, I'm sorry.
Cuz' Happy Wednesday comes when I'm pouring my sweet 4 cup carafe of coffee into my Sweet Mug with the COW jumpin' OVER the SUN!  Cuz' we know we are Rockin' another FINE and FAB day!
Ooooh!  So, Happy Early Wednesday!



Harry said...

Laughing from one insomniac to another. But got dinner planned for manana -- tuna patties with a sour cream dill sauce. Yum (and uses pantry items, and haven't had 'em for a long time). Hope you have a good Hump-dee-Doo Day. I'll be back *much* later in the day. :-) (aka Harry)

Lis Garrett said...

Oh my!!! You are hilarious!

tt said...

Happy humpin' to you too!! lol
When I'm tired, about all I can manage to say it..."pffft'....which loosly translated is about what you said, only you're wordier.
I know a bunch of women who can't sleep b/c of snoring...but me?...I have a hard time sleeping WITHOUT it! It lets me know Lovee is here and Go figure..
When we were in snores...except mine..and I kept waking myself up! ha ha

Farmer*swife said...

Yeah, that's how my mind rambles until it talks itself to sleep.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

When you dream do you see hamsters too?

Anonymous said...

I started sleep in bed, but rolled over and snored in DH's face (not nice of me, I know) so he asked me politely to move to the sofa, and I did, but had to pee on the way there. Then I flipped about until comfy (I sleep there a lot) but awake before 5am to pour coffee and pack up breakfast & lunch, etc. Then I try to watch the news with one eye open, in the big chair. Kitty comes to sit on my lap and I don't want to get up, but I'm not comfy enough. Eventually I can't take it anymore and deposit blanket & cat on sofa (she promptly leaves her nest, because I was the best part) and I crawl back into my bed. 30 minutes later, SM is telling me it is time to get up. :(
I did crawl back in for 5 minutes between kiddos leaving today, because my head feels like it wants to explode. Darn sinuses!

I wanna sleep! But I should drink my coffee.