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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Farmer*sWife Pulls and All Nighter?!

It's is a few minutes shy of 3:00 a.m. and Farmer*sWife is still up?  Hmmmmm.  This doesn't sound quite right.  Let's assess the situation, shall we?
It was news time.  Actually, about time for Farmer*sWife's favorite show to watch on her way to peaceful sleepy slumber.  "Two and a Half Men."  Yes, so I, Farmer*sWife said adios for the noche to my IM buddy and tucked Macxine in for a recharge.  I text a good night to Sweet D and to my Mom.  I then moved two children (one at a time) to their own peaceful resting places.
Then?  I proceed to my peaceful resting place.  Aha.  But, DH is not here.  He's on an overnight fishing expedition.  For, Red Snapper.  Mmmmmm, good eats.  But, see?  I have issues with sleeping as it is.  Ooooh, I love to sleep.  And, I need sleep because it keeps me from turning into a stark raving lunatic.
But, when DH is away?  I require a little more TV time.  Like in the olden single days.  I rarely slept, at least not soundly.  But, I didn't have small children that required butt loads of patience and attention...  And, I was WAY younger and not worried about wrinkles.
Hmmmmm.  Any good movies on?  Ooooh, "Baby Mama" is on.  So I watch it.  Cute, funny....Then?  The dogs start barking.  And, just when Farmer*sWife was actually considering turning off the T.V.
A critter is stalking my property.  I hit all the outside lights.  ALL the outside lights.  Kinda' like?  Fort knocks when the prisoners try to escape.  DH had them all wired to the bedroom so you could light the place up like you were all over the house.  Cool, huh?  
The dogs still bark.  And, bark.  And, then yip!  And, bark.  Some interaction with them is now required.  I actually unlock the door.  I know, stupid?  We've all seen the movies -- but, I'm a Texas Gal and I have ammunition ;-)  So, dogs subside.  But NOW?
Farmer*sWife is completely awake.  Hmmm.  Not a good thing to take an over the counter sleep assistant.  Not this late?  And, not when something promoted the dogs to bark at half past midnight....I might need to be on my feet in case there "IS" an intruder.  I mean?  I need to be on my aim, right?
Hmmmmm.  What else can we do?  Oh, I know.  Watch another movie!!!  Sweeeeet!  Free Pay Per View night!  And, "Sex in the City" is on!  squeeeeeeee!!!!  Another cute movie!  And, intriguing.  In true fashion.  [Oh, and to the gentlemen who seem to be more into this?  There is lots of nudity?  And, the city.]
And, the movie comes to an end.  Now?  I have indigestion.  Invoked by the ever growing anxiety rising because morning for me is now just three hours away....and, it's going to hurt.
Thank goodness my most important priorities are:  Feed children.  Be sure they are dressed and prepared for school.  Pack back packs.  Load children.  Stay awake while driving them to school.  Stay awake on the way home from taking them to school.  Then?  It's any man's game.
Let me be the first to wish you?
Happy Thursday!  Farmer*sWife's "All Nighter Way!"
[And, yes.  I did finally give in?  And, end this with a glass of wine...cuz' sumthins' gotta' give?  And, I either need to fall alseep?  Or be sure I can mark this sleepless night down as a "PARTY!"]
Chicken Biskets!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

FW, that was quite a night.
I will take the tip from you on Socks and the City, because, ahem, I am sure my wife would like to see it. Yeah. That's it. Either that or me and Jay and a 12 pack and a few bowls of popcorn will see it.
FW, I hope you have a chance to catch up on sleep a little later, in the meantime, have a good one!

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks gr. And, yes you, the missus AND jay will all enjoy that movie -- together or separately.

Me on the other hand? Will try to sleep through it.

Poo-ville. It's a cowpie morning.

Farmer*swife said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I have occaisionally been sleepless a night or a bunch of nights, and the only consolation prize is eventually having the deepest sleep possible, and relief. Hope that comes for you, and in the meantime, you still are the funniest blog writer around!

Lis Garrett said...

Holy smokes! Take a nap!

I am toast by 8:30 PM. I can't even remember the last time I stayed up so late (or is that so early?).

tt said...

Awwww...bless your very large heart!
I always had trouble sleeping when Lovee was away. If I don't hear his snore then I'm awake! How silly is that? Most ppl don't like the snore's a comfort, cuz I know he's here with me.
I hope you get some rest today.
And good for you and DH for having all those outside lights!! Praise the lord and pass the ammunition right?! ;)

Hope my little ditty gets here today!! I'm excited!!!!!!!!

Knight said...

I have a lot of sleeping problems but I'm very thankful I don't have to worry about a house full of kids too. I say when you drop the kids off come back for a good long nap. You can fight dust bunnies tomorrow.

Baseball Mom said...

Awwww FW!! I hope you got a lil nap in today. I bet you all have an early night and get much needed Zzzzzz's.

I will wish for you the sandman comes for ya .. if you share and do the same for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, NOOOOOooooooo! I've had nights like that. I'm glad it wasn't kiddos keeping you up all night, but regardless... NO FUN. I don't sleep well when my dh is gone. Um, if you see me blogging at 2am the last 2 weeks of October? Guess who is working on-the-road then.
I hope you take a really good, long nap today. It won't be the same as sleep, but it will help!
Hang in there. I'm glad you have the dogs and the lights to keep you safe.
(Probably a 'coon, a javelina, or an armadillo, right??)

tt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Farmer*swife said...

tt?? Are you commenting to one of my older posts? I think the blogger comment popped up wrong? Or, am I confused?


tt said...

No was all me.
Sorry I'll make it go away.