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Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy FWFD Friday!!! And, the details.

Howdy All! Yeah, so BBMom Gal hit the nail on the head for my Friday anacronym. [Do you know I've checked the spelling of "anacronym" but blogger spell check says it's wrong? No wonder I'm losing spelling skills. It's not me? It's Bleepin' Blogger! Criminy!] Yeah, so Happy FWFD Friday stand for: Happy "Farmer*sWife's Favorite Day" Friday! Way to go BaseBall Mom! So, the party was a hoot and a hit. A fellow Mom and crafty Gal [and I think tighter on a budget than me and way more craftie time with a 13-14 month old in tow] planned the games and did A-W-E -- S-O-M-E! Awsome! The kids me, me, and, um, me were totally worn out at the end. I got to head up the Painting Pumpkins. A few fellow Mom's tried to fight it out with me cat and dog style in the parish hall help with my duty. But, seein' as it was MY PAINT...and, all. They left me alone. [OK, we really didn't fight about it? They offered and I requested they "back away from my duty and painting area." LOL! I was the big joke! It was fun! And, I was still in charge of painting pumpkins...] So we did the relays, took a pic of all the group, a Daddy filled in for the Mama and printed all the pics for the frames the kids made. They played some other games and then ate? And, we provided an "approved/preferred" alternative snack list and there were no tons of cupcakes and million, kazillion candy bars. Following is my "Happy FWFD Friday Vloggie!" And, below are the pics of my children and their costumes and some party'in fun! Lil'Gal and Farmer, Jr. dressed and ready to enter the classroom! Tractor Close Ups:  [Pics don't do it justice.  I need video.  But, my video camera, as awesome as it is?  Is outdated for bloggie world.  Hmmmm.  Totally need to save up my gifts for a new one.  So long as I can sell my old one.  Cuz' it is an awesome video camera.  Just not for vlogging.] Yeah. I know. I forgot the smoke stack. But, that would have been intricate and I didn't have time for intricate. And, I most certainly would not allow a droop smoke stack. So, it is what it is. But, for first time out of the shoot and no pattern? I think it turned out mighty grand! Lil'Gal's night in shining armor.  Her and "Six year old" [her crush] are "tabled" together in class.  She and [her crush] were all sweet and tight last year too.  Though, last year he introduced himself as, "Hi!  I'm D-man, Five-year-old D-man.  I was Four-year-old D-Man, but now I'm five."  Totally cute.  Oh, and his birthday is a week into the new school year. So, when school started this year I walked up to him and said, "Hi! I'm Farmer*sWife. Lil'Gal's Mom. Are you Six-year-old D-Man?" To which he replied, "No, but next week I will be. This week I'm still Five." [;-D He's super cute and super sweet. No wonder Lil'Gal crushes on him.] Here's Lil'Gal though with the sweater and the front of the head vale?  She looks like a "Gramma."  Don't tell her though.  I think the glasses kicked off that look.  She was pretty as a Princess after it warmed up and the sweater came off, and she had her flowers in hand. Lil'Gal's BFF.  Mrs. J is a Jaguar today.  J stands for Jaguar.  She and Lil'Gal are inseparable?  And, all about accessorizing and polish, etc.  Ladies Gals. Oh Happy Day! I heart Fridays.


The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Too flipping cute... I was going to make costumes, but then... I got lazy. And the whole "no sew machine" (no room for one anyway) puts a limit to my current craftiness. Maybe next year!

Farmer*swife said...

Hey, Real Life Fairy Tale Princess...before the sewing machine came along [don't think I'm a fabulous sewer. Cuz I can stitch straight and zig zag....just don't go button hole on me.]

I used to stitch it by hand, and handy dandy HOT GLUE GUN when in a quick pinch. I made a slew of Peter Pan hats, Tutus and a life sized tee-pee with the glue gun from the side belt!


Happy FWFD Friday!!! Yeee-Hawww! Giddy up CowGal and Go!!!!

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

OMG... I just got the time to watch your vid clip... aren't you just CUTE as a button?!?!

"How much you gonn miss me? Depends on how much you bitch about the floors!!"
HAHA... ain't that the truth!

Happy Friday!!

Dianne said...

Holy Crap - how cool are all these costumes

and I love listening to you - you kill me!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

That was a pretty hefty glass of wine, eh?
That tractor is SOMETHING else, and your kids are both so cute!
And you have a point, if the guys get to go hunting, you should get a trip to NY to visit all your friends here.....

ETK said...

Lady - I thought of you last night! Go check my blog for pictures and why I thought specifically of you. :)

If you need me to go get you some, just holler!

Jennifer said...

WOW!, I mean seriously WOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your kids' costumes are amazing! Love Lil Gal's hair and that tractor costume is to die for!!! Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT costumes!!! I'm so impressed.

Hey! My capcha is sewishr - how cool is that! Sew..get it?

tt said...

WOw!! you did a fantabulous job on the costumes!!!! Hig five for you!!! ( with a wee little VT on the side!;)

tt said...

Man I love watching you 'throw 'em back'!!! Makes me wonder if that glass is big enough
You still make me smile ;)

Kelly Dawn said...

ok yeah so where were you when my jr needed that flippin cute is that???????

I need one my size please :)

right before Friday :)