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Friday, October 24, 2008

All I the moment!

I love this song! This is the cutest movie [Fox and the Hound II]! OK. Well, I'm going to eat my lunch [salad] and then I'll have about 15 minutes I should use to clean my filthy, disgusting, floors. But, I think I'm going to walk the bloggie block and catch up a few. Then, I'll pony-up and Gallop my way to the school for the fall party. Rest assured? Upon my return? I'll serve up a Texas sized glass of wine or a Shiner Bock our two [as soon as it's five o'clock somewhere] and I'll catch ya' up on everything. I'll also have the tractor and the princess pics! Happy FWFD Friday! [Bonus Points of you can translate my anacronym!]


Baseball Mom said...

FW "Happy FWFD Friday! [Bonus Points of you can translate my anacronym!]"

Happy Farmer*s Wife Favorite Day Friday :-)

woohoo .. did I get my bonus points?

I am with you on the wine. I believe we have some in ice box downstairs. If not .. store here I come. I am beat this week. See blog (might be later on) about my day of runnin.

Jay said...

You can come over and clean my filthy floors too if you want. ;-)

tt said...

I'm pretty sure BBW got it but it COULD be happy Farmer*s wife FUN DAY friday...
I'm ready for some pics!!! and I'm thinking it's about time you did a vlog too right?? no've been illing and costuming and cooking and moaning've just been busy.

I'll stop back by later one...or maybe tomorrow any 7&7..I'll probbly be thirsty.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...