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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Because I'm NEEDY that way.

Yes, I am.  I'm needy.  My BB [Blog Buddy who exposed me to bloggie world and thus my passion and blogging addiction] told me I'm needy.  Cuz' I'm all out pimpin' myself for some comments. I opened Macxine and there was only one comment in my inbox.  I thought, "Well, it's still early.  And, people have jobs to get do, children to tend to (like me, but I got an extra free 40 minutes as DH took said youngins' to school), and pets, and other things to do....besides comment to me." Still?  I'm needy.  Where is everyone?  It's all snuggly and rainy and what I really wanna' do? Really, really, REALLY?? Snuggle up with a big soft and poofy blanket and watch T.V., read, and nap in and out. OK. Nap first...then some reading which will probably ultimately end up in some more nappy and then some T.V. But, I feel guilty. Yep. Cuz' my floors need the full out Bisselling and I haven't gotten back to that. Only the kitchen and dining area -- twice. Bissell's standing in the bedroom. Waiting for me. Calling to me when I walk by. And, I have projects. I need to go to the office and print my notary job. And, the note to the parents for the school party next week. And, finish the pages I started scrapping this summer. And, a whole lot of catch up there. And, set up an invitation for a little gathering on October 31st since I don't really believe in the whole trick-or-treat thing [I hate all the candy] but the kids want to play dress-up that day. So, I gotta' get something together on that. But, I don't wanna'. I'm lacking motivation. Well, that's not right. I have motivation....I'm just lacking energy...because it's all I can do to keep the eye lids open right now. I am sooooo sleepy. I drank my coffee. It was kind of bitter. Guess I wasn't in the mood for hazelnut. So, anyhow. Here's pimpin' me! See? When y'all pop in and say nice things? I get all addicted to you. And, I keep poppin' back in for the ego poof! Happy Thursday! Send me some comments! Love'em. I'll comment back. I can't help it. Share the love....with me. OK. Enough nagging. Enough whining. Enough begging about comments and me. What about you? Tell me about you? It's not all about me...inquiring minds want to know and I'm an inquiring person. Share the love. And, be needy. It's nice sometimes. [Oooh, someone just popped me a comment :-D ]


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OH! Sorry! I had to run early, the dump, the store, the church with a donation, the hair, the watch lady for a battery and coffee and and and....I am watching you and eating some lunch.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Multitasking, actually. I can enjoy your vlog AND read the others to catch up AND eat noodles...

Farmer*swife said...

Yes, I can always count on Big G!! Thanks a super lot!!!!

Mmmm....noodles. Ramen? Hmmmm...Maybe I need me some my Big Cow Mug!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Best wishes, FW, with your son and everything else!

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

nothing wrong with being needy. not one bit.

I put my demon ogre child (aka the UBER-TERRORIST) in her father's arms at 1 AM this morning and said... "I have not had a shower in a WEEK!! I can no longer stand the smell of myself! You WILL watch your child while I soak in a bathtub until my body is clean and PRUNY!"... he did.

He then went to town and bought diapers while I was left to put a very sleepy little girl to bed. Then... I noticed that what I thought was acne... covered her whole face and neck. So here I am at work waiting for the phone call from Prince to see if it was just a heat rash, or whether she is still covered in speckles.

Since she is the Queen of medical Drama... Rest assured there is probably nothing major wrong with her. It wouldn't suprise me if she required a Dr. appt. and then miraculously... all of the speckles would disappear just as we walked through the office doors. Doc would look at me like... hmmm... I think you need help!

Anyway... you did ask. You wanted to know. It's your own fault. See, I'm too lazy to log into my own blog today and tell the whole world about this, but you asked. That'll learn you :)

Krishna said...

You crack me up. its 1:00 pm and I'm finally getting moving--not feeling well today. I hope it wasn't me that called ya needy--but I agree. LOL. It does suck to not get any coments on your blog.
Hope the MRI is good tomorrow. I'll be in the area in the a.m. if you want some company. Have a church meeting at 9.

Anonymous said...

I have got to get up out of this chair and CLEAN! I just watched your vlog (and commented!) and now I want to go clean. :)

tt said...

ya know, there's nothing wrong with taking some time for that?
Me? I'm just doing my beck and call girl stuff...thinking about doing a post on MY blog...I'm with ya though...I love comments. It makes me feel as though I mean something to blobby friends...important like, ya know. I'm bad some days...I must confess. I sometimes only have a few secs in the I'll read but not comment. Note to self: Comment on FW's blog!!
You know I heart ya something awful..right?!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

It must be in the air today, 'cause I got jack done today so far. Just enjoying a lack-of-work day, so hangin' out on the 'puter. Gonna finally get a shower in, and then dust upstairs and do a quickey clean in the two baths (did the big clean two days ago), so that's the goal. Already got the tuna patties made for dinner (made 'em last night while I was yacking with a pal on the phone). Rest of dinner is gonna be a breeze. So, I say, embrace the quiet day. Make a list of those nagging projects, and try and get 'em done by a week from today. *Best* of luck with the MRI for your son. You have a great attitude about it. :-) ... Oh, and do a long blog later today -- that's also on my to-do list. Hope you enjoy the check-in -- and thanks for trying to pimp me out. Did some investigating on DiggIt today, but the programming got my head spinning. Gotta try later when I have a more rested head. OK, better wrap and try and geta few things doen today. :-)

Anonymous said...

I opened Macxine and there was only one comment in my inbox...

HUH? ok,, I need a road map for this one woman? But I'm new here and I'm stalking your archives,, but backwards... so it will all make sense when I get done I'm sure..