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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holy Bloggie-ville Batman!

Okay. So, I don't really know Batman. But, it goes well with things. Like, "Robin [pause] to the Bat Car!" Anyhow....when did my bloggie neigborhood start the party! I got back in today and everyone bloggied! Of course, that happened the day before yesterday -- I think that's when it was -- and again? I have missed my reads! When I get there? I've missed multiple post and so I read'em to get caught up and not wanting to be the one not "in the know" you know. And, so then? When I hit the reader again? Holy Cow BatMan! I'm sending up the bat light as an SOS! I either need to read quicker, type quicker, or...stay up late hours into the wee-night. If I haven't read you or commented? You are in my mind. My fingers are itchin' to throw one of my catch phrases at you! But, I still have to clean the range top left over from yesterday's casserole [apparently? I didn't get to it, after all.] Hide the laundry gurney [didn't get to that today either.] And, lock myself in the computer/guest/workout/craft/sewing room to finish the boxes that are to be stuffed and decorated in true John Deere Tractor Style! Flu shots for me and the DH tomorrow and I have to make salad for an oh, I don't know, 30-40 parents or more for the PTL meeting tomorrow evening. The new "Pres." is a manly man who loves to grill and smoke meat and cook up good yums. So, in an effort to increase parental attendance he decided to provide dinner. Chili. But, being a Manly man? He forgot that some might want crackers, salad, and maybe even something to drink....with their chili. My job. YIKES! Oh, what a lucky Mama I am though! To have a life that is so full! I know, there I go again. Braggity-braggity-brag! And, Lis at Root and Sprout is still looking for some funny articles to laugh about and I have one in my mind -- should I not lose momentum. It involves: children, arguing, fighting, sneaking, lying, lying about fighting, driving me to my Rosie Beeeeeep limit.... And, the fact that life isn't always fair and we don't always end up with the same score at the end of the day. But,, like vegetables in our diet? It all usually evens out at the end of the week. Oh, and add who can color faster, and who is bugging who by what noise they are making or song they are singing -- to which I have now found myself saying to them "STOP! Talking. To each other. To yourself. AT ALL..........[silence] because it is bothering....ME. [Those were really just notes for myself. And, no, I'm not that bad only mostly sometimes when I have a kazillion things to get done and the whining and whimpering keeps slowing me down. There's AND mine.] Okay, so off to the sewing room. Wait, right after I clean the range top, right after I move the laundry gurney....right after I break up this argument! Hump-Diggity! The Happy [gripy] Farmer*s Wife Way!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Anonymous said...

Notes to yourself? Wonderful! Age it all a bit and add 2 more kiddos, and you've got my house.

I need to write an article, too. Add that to the to-do list!

Anonymous said...

Wow! busy busy!

Jay said...

Um .. yeah. You're kinda busy. I guess.

I'm not nearly that busy but I keep getting way behind on blogs too. I guess I'm just being lazy. ;-)

Knight said...

I know what you mean about getting behind on blogs. I keep forgetting to comment but it has taken me days to catch up on the last weekend alone. Sheesh!

tt said...

Ah-ha!! That's why you're so never sit long enough to let those elfing calories stick! Hussy!!(you know I said that with love..right?)
someone's gotta pick up the slack..I'm with ya...well I used to be, untill the urchins grew up and left..then I turned my attention to the work place...I was the 'baker/planner'...always doing something...why? cuz someone has to do it! Right? I know you totally understand this one.
Have a thumpin good thurdsay gal!!

Baseball Mom said...

Man chickie! I thought I was a busy gal. No more pissin and moanin for me. Hope things slow a tad for ya.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading about what you do! Busy, busy!

Thanks for the reminder about the laundry! It's never ending!

Krishna said...

Right there with ya. I'm steaming floors and dusting and cleaning glass today. and inbetween, making trips to the park, riding the tricycle down the street, etc.

PS Glad farmer jr. is just the way God made him. but we know he is anything but normal, average, etc. Have a great thursday.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning my dear, I broke through the magic window..WOW.. You are one busy little beaver aren't you... well,, what I stopped by I was wondering if you could run up here and

bake me a cake
paint my kitchen cupboards
redo my kitchen counters
make me coffee
Bath the dog
Do my Laundry
and wash my windows...

WEll it appeared you have nothing to do and were pry bored.. I'm just trying to help out... that's what friends are for,, right? Can't have you sitting around bored...

ha ha ha