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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Happy Hump-Day!  And, a big Hump-Diggity to go with it.  Unfortunately?  I woke with a slight Hum-Dinger of a headache.  Hmmmmm. Wonder how that happened?  [Quite possibly, self inflicted?  Possibly?  Because I wanted to ensure that I slept -- the whole night?  Didn't happen.]
Yeah, and guess what makes it better?  I forgot to set the coffee pot for this pretty Hump-Diggity Day?  Yeah...  That goes well with a middle of the week morning.
And, guess what else!?  [The kids will be ecstatic!]  I'm makin' those tummy fillers that are all tasty and grand but lacking in anything important to put into your body flaky, cinnamon-ey, chocolate glazed thingies! Yeah, I know. I did say I wouldn't normally serve them for breakfast. But, me and Lil'Gal had another rough night last night. Waiting on the antibiotic to kick in. And, we had a leak so there was somewhat of a wet bed incident. And, she was still experiencing discomfort so we were up off and on and "in and out" of sleep from 1:30-ish until....I dunno' 3:am? 3:30?
Reading the label?  They really aren't that bad for ya'....they just don't have a whole stock pile of body builders in them.  
9 grams of fat, that's not really so bad for this type of thing.
10 grams of sugar, that's not so bad either -- for this type of thing.
2 grams of protein; could be a little better.
4% iron.
2.5 grams of Trans Fat!  I thought they outlawed that stuff!
That's it.
Kids are happily stuffing their mouths -- and, now I'm feeling all the more guilty.  Lil'Gal gives them a 100% thumbs up.  Farmer, Jr. prefers them with "vanilla" frosting.
I have a compilation of errands and stuff that got "rolled over" into my Hump-Diggity day since most of yesterday was taken up with the doc and all of that.
I decided to keep Lil'Gal home again today because she is still physically miserable and "cream" can only do so much -- until the meds kick in and kill those nasty buggers.
It's a spilt milk day.  So add mopping to the mess of stuff on my list.
Coffee washed the headache away.  Usually does when it is "lack of sleep" related.
I'm off to paint myself another masterpiece!  And, in awhile?  I'm going to catch up with y'all.  I left em's place last night at half a reading -- Gosh, that Gal hooks me with her writing!
Oh, and the October issue of Root and Sprout is out today!  Lis worked hard to get it all put together in time for we parents and other interested readers.  So, scroll up to my "other links" list and check it out!
With that?
Happy Hump-Diggity Day!



Dianne said...

love Hump-Diggity
You come up with the best terms

Hope the kidlet feels much better today

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh goodness, poor little kid and poor you! YES, make those rolls and ENJOY them alright

Jay said...

It's bad enough for the little 'un to have to be dealing with these things, but for it to get in the way of sleep is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like all y'all needed a treat this morning. Have another cup of coffee and take care of yourself and Lil'Gal. {hugs}

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! You're so sweet! And I do hope the Lil Gal gets to feeling better. She is far too young to be having issues down there! Poor girl. :(