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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Piss & Moan Day! On a Saturday!!! Hip-Hip Hurray!!!!

Howdy All!'s a Piss and Moan Day!  We all know what that means?  Go grab yourself a beer!  Or a vodka tonic!  Or, something with strawberries and alcohol, or whatever your likin!  Cuz' a Piss and Moan day can't be shared if we aren't all partakin' of something relaxingly intoxicating!
[On that note....I used to could spell better than spell check.  Seein' as how my ears and eyes are on fire?  I'm about ready to disable the bleepin' spell check and leave y'all to a new world without spelling boundaries.  I've decided it's fun to spell words - how they actually sound!  Farmer, Jr. is teaching me this skill and I'm kinda' starting to get where he is coming from.]
Anyhow.  The vlog will be up shortly. Oh, and lookie there? It's conveniently up now that you are reading this! Though, by the time you've seen this?  I'm probably one of three:
a) folding laundry
b) finishing the pitcher of vodka lemonade directly from the pitcher
c) napping my sinus thingie away
Oh, or I might be makin' Mojitos as I've finished the Vitamin C lemonade and Vodka germ killer mixation.  Since DH should be returning with the Rum anytime soon.
Want me to vlog later?  When, I'm all giddily happy and full of booze?  
Well, DH's to do list is to install the tin in my kitchen that I ordered and received in January of this year.  But, he says he has to "watch the video online again to remember how to do it." Bull-patty.  He just wants a good excuse I'll accept to use my LapTop.  
Well that ain't gonna' happen.  Unless, I'm plastered with Vodka and Rum.  Okay.  It might happen.
Happy Saturday!!!  Drink up to build up tolerance to those Germs!!!!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I am totally serious: vodka and lemonade is VERY healthful for a sinus condition, and you can quote me on that (YOU DID quote me on that!). My belly has a hard time with rum, but vodka doesn't have anything in it. Except what, germ killers???? Perfect!
OK, and this may be difficult, FW, but part two? Have the vodka and lemonade, then PIZZA. I know. Some people wouldn't understand, but that's the path to health: lemonade and pizza.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh, and I didn't know tequila led to, um, babies? we have never had any tequila, maybe that is why we never had any kids? boy, and here's me thinking that babies came from________

Dianne said...

You totally kill me

and they say NYers talk fast!!

Anonymous said...

You are the funniest, cutest thing I have come into contact with. I would give my left eye(I am legally blind out of it anyway)to meet you one day! This got me going cuz I was having some of the same sinus problems last night. I drank 5 beers and a packet of thera flu. I am all better this am! Woot. Happy Sunday!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

whoa, Christi, way to go!
Happy Sunday FW!

Anonymous said...

Cowboy tissues! You crack me up. I'm thinking that maybe a whiskey sour (made with real lemon juice) would be about equal to a vodka lemonade? Because I don't have any vodka around right now. (I'll fix that if you ever come up our way!)
And for future reference, dh assures me that gargling vodka will kill those sore throat viruses. But, I hate gargling, so I have a shot of whiskey instead. It does a pretty good job on sore throats, too.

tt said...

tequila leads to babies?? That made me gigglesnort! lol
You know....your vlogs are turning into the favorite parts of my day. Seriously. You crack me up.
don't ever stop.....I'd go into a serioous funk that even VT 's couldn't bring me out of!!!!!

Scottifer said...

I've never heard you talk so slow and say anyways so many times. You crack me up sis! LUV YA!