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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I received a package today from the UPS man.  And, a day earlier than the estimated delivery date.  [Though, the optimist I am?  I had a feeling it would come today!]
So, on this note (and having already vlogged the opening of the box and it's wonderific contents) I want to do a top ten for Mr. Rith, the Potter's Blog man -- who can also be found at under
Top Ten Reasons Potter's Blog Man Rocks!
10. He lives in a purple house.
9. He loves animals; in fact?  He doesn't even eat animals (cows, pigs, chickens, etc.).
8. He has many pets and they are happy, well fed, and family.
7. You are sure to find a laugh or something cute and interesting on his blog.
6. He lets his pets blog too.
5. He shares his craft and how he makes dirt and water into clay; and, into art!
4. He even puts cute pets on his pottery: piggies, beagles, cows, frogs, wormies, and more.
3. He's generous.  Oh, yes he is...but, we all know that.
2. He is happily married to his lovely Missus and he is proud to share it!
1. And the Number One reason why Potter's Blog Man rocks?  We'll have to go to the vlog:
Did y'all see my Mug sized mug?  And, then my TEXAS sized mug?  (Oh, and BTW?  The beer stayed really, really cold in it!)  And, did you see my piggie sitting on a pencil?  [squeeeee]
I can't say thanks enough, Gary.  I know you didn't make a penny profit.  You coulda' kept a mug for your show?  Or, your Etsy?  But, you are generous that way.  That's a big GOOD KARMA keeper!
DH checked them out.  "Pretty Cool?  Are these your Cow and Sunshine mugs you were talking about?"  ME:  BEAMING SMILE!
Bloggies and Friends:  Don't forget to check out his shop at  And, rembember?  If there is something special you would love but don't see?  He's creative and can make a personalized item.  Like the salad plate/bowl combo I first requested from him.  It was a gift and it was very much appreciated!
Time to pull the King Ranch Chicken Casserole out of the oven and serve it up with the hot pot of frijoles [beans] I made today!
Happy FAB Hump-Diggity Day!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

:^) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Gal is hilarious and you are too!!!! Thanks so much FW!

Karen said...

Don't ya just love Gary? How could someone not? Your mugs are great!

tt said...

I could watch lil gal all day long!!! She's sooo animated.;)
...She may need her own blog soon!
And you.....I chuckled all the way through this just watching you get all excited. I wondered if you were going to come up for air during that sip, for a second..THAT made my day....and since I had to wait until 10:18 at night tohave my day made....well, it was worth the wait.
I can't wait to see mine!!!

Tricia said...

I think Gary is developing quite a fan club. I juts placed an order too and can't wait for my new duck bowl to arrive. Yahhoooo.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

eeeek, fan club!
Lil gal is the FUNNIEST kid!

Knight said...

When Lil' Gal started blowing kisses I was cracking up at work and now my co-workers think I'm nuts. You are both so fun to watch.
Those mugs are amazing! Gary really is the best. I'm a proud member of the fan club. I think maybe he should use this vlog as an advertisement. It shows all the elements. Perfect for adults, kids, coffee, beer, Texans, or whatever you need! Mmmm Dos Equis!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

eek eek eeeeeek!
I am a Glass Half Full Gal fan myself.

Krishna said...

OMG, that is the funniest thing--Lil' Gal is just cracking me up. Hummmm, maybe I can get gary to make me a couple deep dish pie plates......

Anonymous said...

Blogger must've eaten my earlier comments.
First coffee, then beer? LOL
And now Krishna thinks we need PIE!!! Oh, yes, we DO need pie!!