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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tick Tock? I don't get it but it sounds good.

Yeah. So, I'm turning into Big G [gary at potter's blog, that' my new nick name for him...I think it's cute! What da'you think?] So, three posts today? But, I'm making up for what y'all will miss from me tomorrow. And, the first post this morning doesn't totally count? Well it does. But, that's my morning wake-up ramble with the coffee. Anyhow. Checking my email and I popped in for some sounds. This wasn't the sounds I had in mind but then I saw it and was curious and it's really catchy! Although, I don't really understand anything about it. Except the four minutes to save the world. But, what's the rest of the video about?? I will say? Yep. Madonna still has it -- she's fifty now, I believe. And, Justin? Sweet Little Justin T? Ooooh, didn't he grow up to be a sweet hottie! Yep. And, with is one more from the Country Gal's speakers: Yeah. He wrote this one too. The boy's got talent that crosses the boundaries. His Mama is so proud. Reba is the Queen of Country; well. She took over after Patsy and Loretta.... And, Barbara Mandrel too. Reba Rocks though! What would you do with four minutes and one promise? My glass is swelling. Just with all the thoughts in my mind. I was counting those blessings again. Life is good. And, I've got three notary jobs, maybe four lined up. Farmer*sWife's gonna' have some cash! I told you it was going to be a good day. Happy Thursday! I really hope it tops out for you. ;-)


tt said...

Oooooooo, am I first??? woo-hoo!
I totally agree with ya on the singers...Patsy's my all time fav.
So, whatcha gonna do with all the notary cash?? ha...I'd probably go to the dollar store...more bang for the buck. plus...I'm a cheap-o :)
Pimpin?'re just sharing the love girl. :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Ever seen the TV program 'The Office'? isn't there a running joke "that's what she said!".
"Big G? That's what she said!"
Sorry, maybe that is vulgar and tasteless and totally out of line.
FW, you're hilarious and sweet and funny and kind and best wishes to all of you Friday.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

NO no no, FW, I was the vulgar one, and I was saying it as in:
"That's what she (my wife)said."
I would be embarrassed but I had a little whiskey and well, just call me BIG G!!!!
I'll go away and shut up now.....

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

should have kept my mouth shut, and YES! You must have got me thinking about the Material Girl in the news...