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Monday, October 27, 2008

AAAUGGGH! Wait for ME!!! Please???

So, I walked in the house today.  With the kids in tow, cuz' I'd only popped in to drop off the groceries and put them away before time to pick up the youngins.  And, when I got done with most [some, well half] of the "home from school and it's Monday" duty routine?  I look online? 
EVERYBODY is blogging!  AAUHGHGH!!  Wait up!  Wait for me!  I can't read ALLL of y'all that quickly.  And, when I read the first, most recent?  Then, the next ones in line either get bumped by the next most recent post, or end up at the top, or bumped by the ones I just read!  Gack!  
I'm failing.  I'm faultering.  I apologize.  This week [and last] has just been going that way.  Tonight?  I will tell the laundry to screw itself again, phillip style this time.  Or, I could just ask it to fold itself up nicely the way I like it?  Yeah, like that'll happen.
So.  Not the laundry.  Apparently?  We are required to wear clothes in public and personally I like the idea of that.  But, something.  Not my favorite Monday night T.V. line up.  And, not my wine.  But, something will give.  So, I can get through all or most of my bloggies.  I wanna' be in'da know!
(Oh, FYI?  After this morning's post?  Life got real grand.  Let me tell you.  All I can say?  Is, don't drink overly steeped hot tea on an empty stomach. fill in the blanks there.  And, don't think down?  Think -- entrance.)
And, Harry?  My Fab Pro-Homaker at  Please don't be upset with me?  But, there were no beds made in this house this morning.  And, when I look at the clock?  HOLY CRAP!  Dinner time!  
Oops, I just saw the little clock at the upper right hand corner of Macxine.  Hold on.  Ground beef? check.  Boiling water?  check.  Kay, on task.
Anyhow, obviously?  It's too dang late now to matter...  About the unmade beds that is.  And, DH isn't here.  So, I'm all "party style!"  LOL!  Just kiddin'.
I have coffee!!! Now, and for the morning!!!!
They didn't have my ultimate, expensive, favorite of Gourmet Selections from Folgers.  Yummmm, Creme Brew-Leeee. Mmmmm.  But, they had the next best thing.  In a larger quantity for a lower price...and, I had a coupon.  So, if nothing else?  At least I-have-coffee. TTL!
The big news is, I saved $19. dollars!  Plus some cents!  Yeppers!  Wow!  And, my total bill including semi-expensive meat and stuff for the kid's stupid, I hate halloween party thingie came out to $167.00. AND, that included a ton of normally expensive cleaning supplies!!   And named brand cereal, cuz DH is all over the "Special K" now....
Though.  They peeved me a little.  Because I should have had $23.00 in savings with my coupon combining.  The clerk tried this and that? Reviewed my basket.  Called the manager [look at me Harry!   Standing my ground!] and the manager said, "Um...Noooo.  We don't do that at this store."  
Stupid store.  Stupid Manager.  And, yes they do...or, at least that register did take some without realizing it was against the store policy.  [I didn't share that part.  Didn't want to lose what I'd already saved.  *smiley-wink*] Sweet Register! :-D
OK.  So enough blogging and making spaghetti and meat balls with sauce at the same time, while reading the Monday Messages from school.  Time to get the kids fed, bathed, reading done, and to bed so I can watch my fav. TV line-up from the Queen-of-Sheba tub (cuz' I deserve it).  I'll catch up with y'all while I tend to the laundry.  Yeah.  I can read and fold and hang.  It's a talent. LOL!
Happy "OMG!  Monday' almost gone!" Day!
Y'all rock!  So, wait for me....okay?



Prohomemaker.Com said...

Read mine - free coffee sample! Now reading today's post :-)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Just read your blog ...

You get 3 ProHo stars today!

Standing up at the checkout line -- you get the gumption award. Good for you! Mega-watt star for that!

Getting homemade dinner on the table - shining star for that!

Prioritizing a busy day into one (somewhat) manageable -- gold star!

You were wonderful! I just wish the coffee had not run out (both in house and the sample) but so happy you handled Monday with aplomb!


Anonymous said...

I miss the days of double coupons...

And I admit to being jealous of your Queen of Sheba tub! But, I did light some scented candles this evening to make me happy. :)
And I've spent time online tonight finding coupons! Hooray!

PS: my word is "gallo"...having any? *grin*

Anonymous said...

You my dear, are my very last stop for the night.. I am about to drop face first into the keyboard.. the putter is sputtering.. I'm tired of it.. and I'm going to try to get this to post.. and... princess just did a whole thing on this homemaker crap..WTF? does no one go to bed with dirty dishes anymore..?? left you a coupon link in the Pleases Queen blog.. left hand side..

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

wait, you watch TV while yer in the TUB????

tt said...

I feel ya sister....I try to get around to everyone's blog but there just aren't enough hours in the day my own blog??!!! Ack!! something always suffers...usually MY blog. Cuz all ya'll are waaayyyy more interesting to me than I am. ;)

I'd love to be a pesky fly... following you around all day just watching what you're doing...I'd probably get the 'backhand' from ya but that's ok...I'd probably need a nap by mid mornng .'re busy!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like your Monday was a little crazy, to say the least, ha.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Some people make their beds everyday?