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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I love my life....this, is what it's all about.

Howdy! How's your day Humpin' out? I hope it's Diggity! Oh, come on. Just say it. HUMP-DIGGITY! You know it's fun. It'll make ya' smile? I promise? So, this is what's been in my head all morning although they haven't played the song on any of the stations I skip through waiting to hear what "I" want to hear...not just want "THEY" want to play. But, YouTube has the whole "embedding declined at the request of the....." OK. So, I guess it isn't YouTube. It's the artists. I wonder if I could go to CMT and pick this up somehow for embedding. I never complain; I never ask why -- Please don't let my dreams run dry.... Go here if you want to go there and see the "real video" made by Jason Aldean. But, this one is real life and you can watch it right here ;-) Hump-Diggity! [Caught ya!]


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

HOWDY and thanks for the video!
Ooops. I complain. But I am not from Amarillo...

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

What everybody needs are home baked peanut butter-choclate fingers.

Farmer*swife said...

They are really, really good, aren't they? And, healthy! [Did I say healthy!] too!

tt said...

peanutbutter chocolate fingers??? what???? I can't see anything but that!!!!!
Oh, the video...Love it!
Did you mention chocolate????

Anonymous said...

Did someone say peanut butter-chocolate fingers?? What does a blogger have to do to get some of those?? lol

Get thyself over to and create your own radio station. Easy-Peasy!!