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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fly By!!!! Tuesday's are awesome!

Geeze!  The world is a whole different place when you have coffee in your pot and you are a person who has become very used to her 4 cup carafe every morning!  I sware the birds were singing?  Though, it might have just been my ears ringing.
I will say.  One day coffee less?  I'm out of practice.  Had the maker all set up and ready to greet me with hot, warm, yummy caffeine.  So, this morning I walk in and there is no hot coffee.  *sigh*  I forgot to push the little button that tells the maker to brew at such-and-so-time.
I hit it hard last night so, I'm mostly up on my blog reads.  I mean?  There's a whole new days worth of information out there?  But, at least everyone knows I'm still following.  And, everyone is getting on the savings and coupon wagon!  I love it!  I'm finding links for all type of things I need and/or would like for free or cheap!
And, tips and tricks!  Oh, My!
And, the lunches practically made themselves this morning!  While the kids still zzzzz'd.  I love calm, quiet mornings.  I was dressed and made-up when I sounded the sweet morning wake-up call of kisses on the forehead!  They are such angels in the morning, while still in bed.  LOL!
So, the only meltdown this morning was a shoe issue.  I dodge the "I wanna' wear a miniskort when it's 43 degrees outside" tantrum.  Whew!  But, when it came down to the Barbie heels? Geeze.  So, we went round and round and then she finally decided she "wanted" to wear her tennis shoes.  Which had been left outside last night....not by me.
So, they are cold.  Out the door we go to load up and the statement comes out of my mouth for the fourth 40th time that she will be needing clean socks.   "No," she replies, "These will be fine."  
45 seconds from pulling into the school parking lot I hear, "But, MAAA-maaaaaaaa???  My socks are dirty!"  Grrrrrrrrrr!  >:-{
Yeah, so we walk in Mrs. P's class and Lil'Gal is wearing her Barbie heels in 43 degree weather but alas, the other Mommy there and Mrs. P have come to realize that Lil'Gal is hard headed and we tend to have these issues in the morning
Oh, but on an up note?  The hair went pretty well.  I had purchased some new tiny clips (we keep running out of matches....hmmmmm, wonder how that happens Lil'Gal did it!  Lil'Gal did it!). She was happy to get to open the newbies and choose a color that schemed with her outfit.
So, off  I go headed home to my duties. PTL Meeting Minutes typed up?  Check!  Notary invoice typed and delivered (via email on this one), Check!  Dogs fed, Check!  Kitchen clean, mostly.  Check!  Calendar T-kids assembly dates for the year?  Check!   Catch up in bloggie world a little?  Check!  Beds made, almost.  Check!  Has the phone rang 15 times in the last hour?  Abso-freekin'lutely!  Growl!
So next is to reload all the newly clean clothes onto the laundry gurney.  All the clothes from yesterday were dealt with last night. :-D  And, I even got a little reading in from that parenting book (it took me 20 minutes to find the thing).
I am ROCKIN' this Tuesday!!!!!
[Oooh, and Farmer*sWife has a hair appointment to get a brand new do!  No more farmer frump for me, LOL!]



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Your day makes my head spin!
Your hair always looks nice, will ya show us the new style?

Jay said...

Barbie heels? I need to get me some of them. LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

I wanna see Jay wearing some Barbie heels! ;)

Lis Garrett said...

I seriously can't keep up with all your blogging!!!

Slow down, lady! I agree with Gary - your day makes my head spin, too!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Hope the new 'do comes out great, and hope dinner is calm and relaxed for you. :-) ... I wore myself out last night, so just taking it easy today. Luckily, I have dinner 95 percent made, so just gotta make the biscuits for the top and I'm done. Just gonna make a quick run to the produce store (about 1/4 mile from here) and that's it. (Already did my work emails.)

Again, hope you have an enjoyable evening.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the new do...and be brave.... post me a pic.... hey...stop laughing...she's got to be better than what I posted..

OK... Like here soon, I will have no worries except the house...I sold my will I have to do the whole,, list and keep at it like you and the Princess do? I won't have an excuse anymore..... do you make house calls... I have booze..

Anonymous said...

You do rock FW! Can't wait to see the new do...