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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Art of a Ramble.

Typically?  I'm pretty good at this multi-tasking thing.  But, either I am slowing down or everyone else is getting better at it.  Because I'm usually ahead of the game and now I rolling down the hill with the ball.  No fair. So, as I type this?  I'm preparing the chicken spaghetti casserole for dinner tonight so it may begin baking while we are on our way home from gymnastics.  Whatever remnants of this casserole are left will also be my lunch, with a side of salad. I cut out the little pumpkins and faces to decorate the invitations for our "Fall Costume Oh, how I hate Halloween Party" for the kids and parents on the 31st. It is to become? An, annual thing....until the kiddos are old enough to no longer care or I throw up my hands and say "screw" it with a flat head driver. Hold on. Have to warm the cooked chicken and start the spaghetti boilin! Kay, all that, casserole made, emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the mess! Fast, huh? Yeah, anything is possible in bloggie world! Sure the range top is a mess. But, I'll get to that. Oh, and gymnastics? Great time to do homework with Farmer, Jr., review spelling words, read an extra book for AR reading [him, not me] and review memory verse and flash cards on the way home. Yep...I do that. Every minute counts and no my eyes don't leave the road. I show the card, he reads that math problem and here's the trick! I already know the answers! That always helps! Well. Gotta get these invites finished. Lots of pumpkin faces to be glued on. I know. Why don't I just print them. Why do I have to be so crafty...I tried? Really. But, alas....I had to do it right. The ME way. So, yes I do tend to make more work for myself. But, oh well. So be it. Oh, Geeze! I totally forgot to blog about my dream last night! I wanted to start a night club? With onsite child care! Yeah! Totally! And, it so made sense in my dream. Except for the alcohol being served to parents who had to drive children home. But, that's when I decided to add a hotel upstairs. Then, some other person who I was brain storming with? In the park while the children played on the monkey bars? Expressed concern that the patrons wouldn't be able to afford child care since I insisted the child care all have degrees in working with children. To which I replied, "That is why the child care is free. The food and booze sales will totally cover the expense! It's the perfect idea and a service to all us parents who never get out!!!" My point was made. In my dream I was making notes, and lists, and drawing pictures and diagrams of how the whole place was going to be set up. it was so real? That this morning I double checked my note pad to see if maybe I actually wrote it all down. Nope. Bummer. The coolest thing? About the whole night club? Was the "drop in" glass stair case with dark purple and hot pink lights flashing from underneath. Patrons to the club checked in and then walked up these awesome glass stairs and into the bar, dance, and family area! It was awesome! Benadryl rocks, right? Happy Tuesday To Ya!


Knight said...

I love that you just added a hotel to the nightclub instead of working out a cab or car service. You dream big!

Anonymous said...

Haha, free childcare AND a night out! We had our own form of this before we moved: good friends whose youngest kid was the same age as our oldest kid. We'd pull together dinner and the kids would scatter all over the house & yard, while the adults would hang out, play cards, and drink. We'd stay late because the kids were entertained or sleeping on the sofa, and we knew we could sleep there, too, if we needed to. It was even better when our oldest kid started driving: whoohoo!! Designated driver!
Sadly, we moved away. Dh is TDY there this week and having dinner with them tonight. *sigh*

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

the food and booze would pay for it!!!!! HA! You said it lady!
Glad to hear from you, hope you feel better, and can you believe they're talking SNOW HERE? $#@&%

Baseball Mom said...

How cool is that! Nice dream. Sounds like a cool idea!!


Jay said...

There was a Micro Brewery in San Antonio that added a children's play area. Wasn't exactly a day care, but it did bring down the party atmosphere a bit. LOL

Chicken and Spaghetti Casserole? YUM!

kcinnova said...

Jay, where was that micro-brewery and why didn't I ever go there?!?

Anonymous said...

OK,, I was so groovin with ya on the whole bar/daycare center/ hotel thing... until you added the glass stair case..

I mean I was ready to throw in my services as a bartender and drag the posse' along to volunteer for daycare givers (OH,, except they drink a lot so we better make em patrons instead)...

but the glass stair case thing ... not so much..

did you forget about the 500 lb drunk sitting in the corner over there slurping up VEGAS BOMBS.. like a SMELLY PIRATE HOOKER?

Yea, he's buying rounds for the whole house... money money money...


He has no damn kids.... so.. he plans on leaving...which of course we will send him out in our company owned cab.. but. as he's leaving... he falls down the glass stairs.. shattering them into a million pieces... injuring hundreds of patrons...who sue us.. and we loose everything..

jeeze woman.. think just lost both our farms on one dang dream...

Farmer*swife said...

To the Queen: If they can make "plexi-glass" thick enough and strong enough to hold a small lake sized body of water, and three killer wales, and some dolphin? I think we can get a good contractor for our "Glass Stair Case."

Chill, Gal....Mama got it all under control......


{Editors Note: Farmer*sWife has a BG in the legal field having college background and fourteen years experience in lawsuits from the litigation stand point.]

Squeee-diddly!!!! $$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Well, Queenie has a medical background.with a side order of law..

(I was planning ahead.. I figured there would always be people to treat the ill.. so medical and I figured there would always be people wanting to sue those that treated them.. so the legal)To bad I fell in love with a Rancher and didn't use either...

. so if it doesn't look like I can save the fat dude.. I know where we can hide the body.. so.. between the two of us.. we've got this situation handled..


tt said...

you and Queenie crack me up!
I only wish my benadryl gave me those kind of dreams...mine are just plain dumb or scarey...not inventive like yours. Humpf!! I'm totally on board with the whole idea....I'm the X banker so I'll keep the books...k? and Gary can make all the cool deco stuffs and coffee mugs....don't even get me started! lol

Kelly Dawn said... crack me up...

let me know when you open...I must be there to see the staircase.. :)


The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Blog reading with ADHD...

"I'm usually a head ... rolling down the hill"

"I'm preparing the chicken ... gymnastics"

"I throw up ... and ... "screw" it"

"an extra book ... review ... on the way"

"faces to be glued on ... ME"

"the alcohol being served to ... children ... upstairs"

"I insisted the child ... have degrees in working ... free."

"The ... booze ... totally cover the ... service to ... parents"

No, I really did rad the WHOLE thing, but my attention span is shot. So a couple of things I really did read exactly like I typed... a couple of others I intentionally created for a laugh!

Awesome night club... Does the child care include overnight care while Mommy is puking her guts out in the toilet and recovering from a hangover?

Jennifer said...

I LOVE "Nucking Futs"!!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Better dreaming through chemistry :-)