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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Normal! Fantabulistic!

Who wants to be normal. Not special, not unique? Just plain ol'normal. Well, today? Farmer, Jr. is normal! The results from his big ol'MRI! Yeah! Normal news? Is great, GREAT news! So, we'll go from here. Maybe he needs a shoe insert or something. Who knows. He still does the tippie-toe thing and as he's growing inches each night [okay, maybe millimeters and centimeters but I sware it seems like inches] the tippie toe thing is becoming more prominent and an even more regular thing in his gate. But, it's all right! Cuz' no teathered cord or even better? No "T" word. I knew there wasn't. But, as parents we still have to play it on the safe side and rule it out! YAY! So, there's the update in that. Now? I just got back from an out of town notary and I have to run into the "city" to get my jobs overnighted. And, I have to get the laundry gurney out of our bedroom before DH flips his lid loose. I told him to bare with my while I continued to expel the evils of the sinus infection/cold thingie from my system. But, I think sixs days is about the max he can take of my floundering. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've then got to return home to begin cutting and sewing on the green and black and yellow fabric I purchased Monday to start and hopefully, finish a wearable work of art finish up the minor details all the details on Farmer, Jr.'s Tractor Costume for the school party on Friday. Yeah. I'll get it done though. Because I'm secretly Wonder Woman, Super Mom, and Martha Stewart with a little "I Dream of Jeanie" and "Samantha" mixed in. If I could only master the cross armed blink or the nose twitch. "Twinkle-tink-tinkle-tink!" Nope, still didn't work! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh, and a quick Nag. I know I've mentioned it before? And, I know a few of you {the bachelors and non-parenting readers} may not be interested....but, for the Mommies? And, any Daddy's that might read me? Please click this link to check out the Root & Sprout e-zine! Lis is working so hard to grow this project and several of us Mommies are really committed to getting the word out! You can find more about it (and read some of me in there too) here! Oh, and pop into Grow Together which is a parenting network group! Also, related to the Root and Sprout E-zine! You can join the group as a member! I would love for the membership to pop up over there to 100 before the end of the hour, day, week Month! It would be something great to gift Lis with for all her efforts and hard work. You know you can bloggie there too, if ya' want. Make friends. Start a quorum and ask questions at your place for other parents to come by and's worlds of fun and insightfull too! Have a Wonderiffically Fabutastic and Normal Hump Diggity! [Oh, crap-diddly! It IS Hump Diggity! Anyone seen my super powers or my cape lying around?]


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Farmer Jr is ok!!!

Knight said...

Somehow I missed what the tippy toe thing is. I knew he had the MRI and I'm so happy for you all that it came back normal!

tt said...

Yay for Farmer Jr!!! phew...that's a relief!
I've been 'Samantha' or trying to be for Years!!!! Seriously! I just know one day it'll work.
heading over to R&S right now!
(I'm thinking a fellow blobbie STOLE your cape!! use when she plays 'Queen') I'm just's possible...

Lis Garrett said...

First of all . . . what a relief to know that the MRI came back normal!! I know, from personal experience, what it feels like as a parent to have doctors running tests for this and that and to feel a bit helpless. What a relief for you all! I hope you can figure why he's walking on his tippie toes, though.

Secondly, I hope you plan on posting pictures of the tractor costume.

Lastly, smooches and hugs to you for posting (again) about Root & Sprout. It's true I've been working my little fingers to the bone this month, and I've got SO much work to do still before the next publication. I've been on the verge of tears more than once today, but this really lifted my spirits. Thanks so much!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

*Wonderful* news on Farmer Jr.! That's simply fantastic. A bug in your ear -- (from someone who grew constantly -- I even add 2 more inches ... in height ... when I was in college!) Anyway, I seem to recall reading (and recalling personally) that with your bones growing so quickly, you are actually achey a lot of the times. I dunno, maybe something to mention to the doctor. ... Gonna check out your article (finally) on Roots as soon as I finish performing my Homeowner Association presidential duties and notify people of the street closure Friday.

Anonymous said...

Great news on the MRI!

Ummm, I think you meant insightful...because no one wants to incite a riot! lol

Farmer*swife said...

*sigh* What is happening to my brain? I used to be a super speller! All the time! No really?! Seven years out of the legal field has murdered my intellect.

Baseball Mom said...

Glad to hear Farmer Jr. is okay.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

THE BOY IS OK????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Hot diggity dog!