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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy HumpDiggity Day

Howdy! Fly by! Time to load up the kids and I'm off on my way. Across four towns and back! Notary job, dental appointment, K meeting, grocery shopping, home to unload, back to B town for the youngins' then a Parent/Teacher meeting -- home, and all the rest! FYI? I really need to get the PC restored because DH infiltrated Macxine last night. :-( Anyhow!? Lil'Gal has her shoes on (I think) so we are off and at'em! Hope you have a little Diggity in your Hump-Day!!!!


Baseball Mom said...

FW - Your schedule is as crazy as mine! How dare DH touch Macxine. Shame.

Enjoy your day!

Slick said...

Uh....that's a busy schedule for a Hump Day.

Mine only includes going to work.

I hate that too! :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

DH got into Macxine????

tt said...

yea...what's with DH 'infiltrating' Maxcine?? Oh no..say it isn't so...did he ask permission?????
Your day sounds like mine...only mine is with MUCH older kids. lol