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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How much can you HANDLE?!

So, do you think?  Possibly?  You might could handle a six and a half minute full of Happy?  Would it perk you up?  Or, leave you....frowning.  Nope.  That's not gonna' happen.  As we speak?  It started pourin' down another turd floater...and, that's a good thing!  Cuz' DH has the fields put up for winter?  And, they can just drink and drink and drink it all in!
So, ready?  Set?  Watch me?  Cuz' I love y'all! [Maybe it's just me?  But, once this posted?  I watched the vlog to be sure it took?  And, um.  The quality of the upload and embedding from YouTube is crapdiddly.  So, go here if you want a clearer view,  Seriously, it ain't a whole lotta' fun if ya' can't see it clearly.]
Anyhoodle, if you aren't a little bit' happy or are completely displeased with me at the end of this vlog?  Then, email me your address at  And, I'll send you something chocolate or at least a sweet treat in the mail.
[See, Sweet D will be all over this.  Only, I'll be delivering it in person! LOL!]
And, just so ya' know.  I do have my daily doses of curses.  The nightmares I've been having lately?  Are due to an issue of incidences that happened earlier this year and ended just at the beginning of summer.  Everything is good.  But, things still haunt me in my dreams.  I worry, we all do -- daily, hourly, and by the minute for all the best for my children.  I mean, life ain't free.   So, I have my Humps and lumps.  But, the good comes with the bad.
I always say, "I wouldn't know how good "good" can be....if I didn't have the bad, to remind me."  Take it like sugar.  One lump or two.  Lumps soften us up....and, sometimes sweeten' us too.
After all?  Life without lumps?  Life without bumps?  Wouldn't be a whole lot of livin'.  Or so it goes in my mind.
Happy Hump-Diggity!  [Diggity, Diggity, Diggity!!!]



Jay said...

You may not believe this, but I don't even own an iron. Shocking huh?

I wonder if you can also make panini sandwiches with that flat iron? Straiten my hair, get the wrinkles out of the collar on my shirt and hot Italian sandwiches with one item. I do love me some multi-functional products!

tt said...

While I was watching your suddenly came to me ....I know why you don't sleep!! Your brain never shuts down does it? lol Gracious make me laugh and smile and....even Lovee smiles when he hears you now. ha
Great tip about the flat iron too.
I love your brain....and your hat!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Hey, you are about the funniest person on earth!
I am sorry to hear about the nightmares and events earlier this year. There is something to be said for keeping a positive outlook!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

NO I don't have an iron of any sort!
You and Lis would be great pals, that is what I was saying, oh yes, you're fun!
(now my ears are burning!)

Anonymous said...

You make me smile, it's true! But I still could use some of that chocolate...
I do hope the nightmares go away and you can get some good sleep soon.
No flat irons at this house. I like to keep my curls. :) Now, I DO have an iron, somewhere... ;)

Sorry I'm behind on my comments...and I WOULD "follow" you but it's a blogger-brand thing (no wordpress allowed). But I DO follow you in my own way, by subscribing. That way, your name show up in bold print on my blog-feed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have SO MUCH ENERGY... wanna come clean my bathrooms? *snicker*