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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Please bare with me while I figure out this whole ad thing.  I just figured since I'm here?  I mine as well earn a few cents a month/year/lifetime -- LOL!
Tech-Guy got me on this kick so that I could use my blog as a "write off"! Get it?  Write -- off!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Okay.  Yes.  I'm sleep deprived.
Happy Thursday!



Tink said...

Oh no! You've crossed over to the dark side! ;)

tt said...

So, ummm....I've seen those...but how soes it work??? And...write off what??? Electricity? :)
I'm confused...I know..what's new right? ha ha
there's a dark side to this too???

Knight said...

I'm pretty sure the government owns you now. ha. I don't mind the ads. If it brings in a buck or two for you I say you might as well!

Harry said...

I know what you mean on the ads -- it takes a lot of programming to get 'em up. I also do the Amazon product ones every once in awhile if I feel it's important. I empathized with you on the sleepless night ... last night was 2 a.m. for me, and that's a good day. But I got all caught with your blog while I was finally eating something today. More on my blog later -- usually about 6-6:30 our time. Gotta go do a walk-thru with the homeowner association in a bit. Cya later!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Hey, put em up there, make some dough while you blog!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Woohoo, FW you're the one who rocks!

Anonymous said...

Ads? What are these ads you speak of?
People give you money?

My husband might be more welcoming of my blogging if I brought in a paycheck...

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I have personally been clicking these ads, so that FW is certain to get one or two pennies at least.
You never know when you might need baling supplies or custom barware....