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Thursday, October 23, 2008

And, on the Thursday night? She rested.

Okay. PTL meeting was a success, with the exception that like four family's parents showed. The Pres and his wife, they brought the home-made chili...YUM! Me and DH, and kids, we brought the salad, and tea. Mrs. P. the principal. And two other Dads. Shame for shame. We offer them food? To be involved? And, they only come if their children are on stage and displayed. Well, we worked out the fall fund raiser and yada-yada-yada I'm tired and sleepy and DH said he'd watch more T.V. for me so I can fall asleep in the same bed, but before -- the snore factor. I was gonna' blog in there but the timing runs a half a second or two or three slower and I was here and all. So. Oh, so, I better be quick and nimble here before he changes his mind. I would have blogged earlier but Tech Guy a/k/a TG was accessing my LT to set up some stuff for DH. Yeah. The PC? Kinda' not over the stroke entirely. Poor Gal. So, she'll have to go in for rehab and become the kids computer for all the stuff they can do and papers and typing practice, etc. But, she will no longer work for us. Shame. [Moment of silence....I think my Love of Macxine? Might have been too much for her. It might have broke her PC heart-drive.] Anyhow. DH? Seein' me all Gal Pals with Macxine? And, I do share....grudginly... He's been needing wanting a LT for several years to upgrade the farm and save double work by logging all the calculations of this field and that field and what fertilizer at what % and what the moisture was and yada-yada farming has gone waaaay high tech. But, instead? They all got PCs from Dell at the office. Then comes? The era of the LT. BIL and SIL replace their deceased PC with a LT, Dell. [Suckers!] So, TG, picked up a fantabulously wonderific AirBook for DH [through the farm y'all] and TG gets a discount cuz' he industrious and all. That's why he was accessing my Sweet Macxine to get all our settings "in sync." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So. The tractor costume is complete! And, I will squeeeeeee with pleasure considering that I made the whole idea and pattern up and it fell together in 30 hours quite nicely [I sew, on a machine? But, I am NO SEEMSTRESS.] I'll take pics in la manana of the kids in their costumes! Oh, and I could tell Lil'Gal was feelin' a little left out since she already has tons of costumes and such and Mama wasn't working on anything "special" for her. [Though, I did pick up some new costume kiddie princess jewelry the other day to surprise her with.] But, since she changed dresses at the last minute and final hours of the evening? And, I don't have any fabric to make something fantabulously princessical out of? I took some left over tulle from another project, some fake flowers from a little bushel from a couple of previous parties, some pipe cleaner, fishing line thread and...whala! She now has a veil to wear in the morning and a set of flowers that match said veil [and kinda' match the rosebuds on the dress] so she can be a "Wedding Princess." She really loves to put scarves on her head and carry flowers around the house all dressed up. Like she's getting married. I'm thinking? My last minute surprise? Will be a thrill!!! Oh, and we put spongy rollers in her looooong hair! Total Princess alert will be going on in the morning, all curls and tundrils. Sheesh. It is so awesome to be a Mama who rocks! I'll let y'all know the full response tomorrow with some pics. I want to let/coerce DH into taking them? But, he hasn't been trained in full tie-ing of the tractor costume skills. And, he doesn't know how to readjust a tiara-veil. Oh, and he doesn't know how isn't allowed to use my awesome Cannon Rebel Digital It's a Mamma's job! I'm so tired and in need of sleep proud and lucky to be their Mama. If I can rock it through tomorrow afternoon? It'll be a crap shoot until MY Mama comes out. We visit. Kids watch Movie night. DH leaves at 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning for a Pheasant Hunt [it's a sales related appreciation thing] and I make cupcakes for 40 plus people for the church Fall Social CCD [I'm a teacher/gotta' be there] dinner and I make it through..... Man, life rocks! Happy "Farmer*sWife's Favorite Day of the Week" Friday!!!! [I seriously need an anacronym for that!] Editors Note: Crap-diddly! DH just turned the TV off. Now? I have to wait out the snore...factor afterall. *sigh*


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

wait, we GOTTA see those costumes!!!

tt said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!!!! I've gotta pull out my Jack-o-lantern costume pic and post...that'll be a hoot!

I usually fall asleep watching HGTV. Lovee's right there, anxiously waiting for the sandman to smack me on the head so he can turn it off. lol for me. are a fantabulous Mom!
Happy Squeeeeeeeeee Friday!

Anonymous said...

your a great,,*blah blah blah... Mom... Yea Yea.... make the rest of us look bad... but hell.. I'm the world's greatest GRANDMA.. just ask the little love bug...she'll tell you who rocks the world...

woman.. how the hell do you do all that and still function? My head would be spinning and I would be blowing pea soup out my nose...

You are the bomb.. Mom..

Anonymous said...

OH and no way are you guarding the booze..TT AND I know better than letting you do that... pick a different task.. the booze is ours..