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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's left for today?

Howdy Y'all! Well, my house smells deliciously like Pine Sol. The unfortunate thing is that when DH gets home the Pine Sol smell will have dissipated. But, clever me? I have a fix for that. Since he'll be getting in pretty late Tuesday PM (ie: dark thirty and wee close to midnight) I'm going to redo the master bath and bedroom....just a touch up...with Pine Sol again. *smiley-wink* Not the whole floor routine unless it needs it. Probably a wet wipe? Doused with the sweet aroma of lemon Pine-Sol and then I'll touch up and spread the scent around. Hey? I deserve credit. I want my credit and pats on the backs and "Honey, you rock and Pine Sol smells awesome." Then, he'll be gone crack of sunrise on Wednesday morning to help his Daddy out with the Ag Appreciation event he does once at year at his ranch. Which means? Another stay over for the boys too. DH and my BIL. [*snicker* My BIL is so going to be in the "owe it to me" with the SIL....that girlie cracks a mighty tight whip!] Me? Now, I don't have to crack the whip. Though, sometimes? When he's a piehole? I'd love to just shhhhhwaaaa-smacka-crack! Right across his hind side. Only in my mind's eye though. ;-) Though, I am sure he will be offering to pick up dinner that day and will probably pop back in the door Thursday afternoon with a bottle of wine [I didn't get one before he left, crap-diddly] and then again with the, "How much did you miss me?" And, I'll be all, "Depends on what ya' brought me!" LOL!!! Just kiddin. I miss him. I do. I miss his help with the kids too. [Don't repeat that though, his ego will swelter and fill his head with hot air.] I hope the house is fantabulously clean. Like when I returned from AR with the kids after the hurricane. Though, it was easy for him to have the house so clean -- as he was the only one in it. Without small children who travel with cato-chismic furry @$$ aliens leaving remnants of themselves behind. 
And, I'll have the laundry all put away just like he did. Though, it will be folded appropriately, the socks will actually "be sorted" and matched in the right size, to the right family member and in the correct drawer. [I had to resort all said socks? And, refold ALLLL the towels -- y'all know me. Tri-fold. NO SQUARES.] So. Now, I'm making pizza pockets. With some veggies hidden in the meat. And, then the youngins need to read for AR testing tomorrow, and bathe. And, then to bed with them so I can finish up my day:
  1. make lunches for school
  2. write notes small children can read as a surprise in their lunch
  3. clip coupons from paper
  4. review all coupons and plan grocery list for tomorrow
  5. read chapter of Dave Ramsey
  6. cut out pumpkins for the craft at Friday's I hate Halloween but the kids want a party Party
  7. Fold laundry mountain(s)
  8. plan tomorrow's day and errands
  9. drink wine
  10. play in paint program to make a "tractor" award
  11. sleep
FYI!  Lookie what I got?  You know why?  Cuz' the Queen said she did some checkin' around?  And, the costume I made Farmer, Jr. his parties for this month?  Rocked it!
Awwww.  Thanks Queen!!  You Rock too!  [And, she made this one all by herself with the tips and tricks shared by the Princess.]
I'm a lucky Gal.  I love my life.  Just wanted to be sure I shared that?  Cuz' if ya' don't appreciate what ya' have?  That's a bad thing.  At least in the little spiral binder of "The Rules" that exists in my mind.
Happy Sunday!  Enjoy it!  
[Cuz' tomorrow it'll be over, and it'll be Monday.  But, Monday's aren't so bad]  :-)



Anonymous said...

LOL I love how "drink wine" and "sleep" are included on your to do list. That's perfect!

I love the smell of Pine Sol too. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I always loved Pine Sol until Mr. got makes him sneeze and cough now.. so we use the fab.. MR CLEAN with FABREZE for everything...

I'm not kidding FW.. that tractor costume was the bomb.. You more than deserve that award...

Now.. if you would grab Fairy Flutters..and run up here,, she needs to make me tea.. and my house needs cleaned.. cause I wanna drink the wine..


and I like the idea of an entire blog of just your awards... that would be awesome.. you could call it... I'M AWESOME.. I GET AWARDS...

Anonymous said...

You have more on your Sunday evening list than I do! And SuperDad is off on TDY again this week, so I'm single parenting again.

Jay said...

I bet a bacon scented candle would be pretty cool too. haha

My house (okay, small apartment) smells like chicken chili tonight. That's a pretty yummy smell too.

Chatty said...

Hi FW!

Long time, no hear - but just looking at your daily "to do" list made me a) understand why you may not have had time to drop by lately and b) that much more in awe of women like you who do so much on a daily basis, and basically think nothing of it. Me, I think if I manage to make dinner, clean up the kitchen, run a wet rag over the bathroom fixtures, clean out the toilet bowl, and clear out the cat poop - I've done my bit to keep our little family rolling...speaking of which, I have friends who had their cat trained to do his bizness in the toilet bowl. It was great. Of course, it would have been even greater if they could have taught him to flush. But, I digress...
Oh - one trick that would work nicely with the Pine-Sol effect (one of my mother's - I think she got it from Erma Bombeck) is if you have one of those pile carpets - run the vacuum cleaner over it, and instead of spending a lot of time making the pile all fluffy and NOT showing the vacuum cleaner marks - leave 'em in - because, hey, it shows you vacuumed TOO ; )
And, looking at your list, were I you (and if you have read the above, you know I definitely am NOT) I would put the "drink wine" just a tad higher on my list ; )
Congrats on the cool Halloween Creation award - will there be pictures?
Also, I just love your videos - hope you can find the time to keep them coming!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Pine soll is your secret, windex is mine--I use it for everything, including the floors. It smells clean, and it is blue!
You deserve the reward because that was one heckuva tractor costume, and your son is so lucky!
Happy Monday FW.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I just found out you went to bed while I was up and inspired to play in paint! (I did it, too! The hard way!! Now I just have to figure out how to give out those awards...)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

LOL on Pine Sol smell, when I just super-cleaned the tub, and followed it with the splash of Pine Sol (I like green smell) I then splash it with a bowl of hot water to super-release the smell. (Used to use that trick in all my listings, too, especially if they *hadn't* cleaned recently.