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Saturday, October 4, 2008

HOLY GASP! I' Addict.

So, it seems that some (most) bloggies have had some trouble viewing me today. And, after I did the whole, cool [just go with me] Vlog yesterday and gave my whole knew trick I discovered on my own [and thought I"d made up and was going to patten] and shared the Whoop-la of the 411 on Funk! My blog email remained empty. And, then I got a comment! YAY! From Lis via "Grow Together" and she said, "I'm having trouble accessing your blog today...yada, yada" ME: WHAT! Then our Potter's Man also emails me (and Lis did again to) at my other email address to let me know that, "We can't read you." They are so wonderful to let me know there is a problem because my ego would have lost it's poof thinking that somehow I offended someone with my "uses" of hydrogen peroxide. I took of the REALLY COOL statmeter I had added to the way low bottom left of my page -- Thanks Fairy Flutters for that awesome tip! 
Oh, off the subject of me Pissin' and Moanin'? I have one viewer/reader from -- SWEDEN! Yeah! Sweden! Ramblin' Madman? if it tis' YOU? Please pass along a word to us. We all miss you. 
[tt has also has one reader/viewer from Sweden. I wonder if where ever he is? He is allowed access to the WWW but is not allowed to make any contact. GASP. But, these things do happen. Maybe he took on the Union there. That'd be bad. Anyhow, we miss ya' sweet, fab-tabulously talented writer Man.] So, I'm hoping in this most recent grasp for attention? That blogger will re-open my page that my Peeps who just feel kind enough to feed and poof my ego cuz' they know a South Texas Gal really needs some ego poofin' fans will no longer have to go without their "Farmers*Wife" fix. Because, after all? I'm thinking we are all addicts. To ourselves? Too each other? Maybe we should host a seminar. Bring our LapTops and even our PCs if needed. Anyone with a wireless printer? Bring it along too. Gary can bring the mugs and even some vases if he's short. I'll bring some beer -- Shiner Bock -- Y'all know me!  kc can bring the gas grill, and the son to fire it up and be in charge of cookin. Oooh, knight can bring the wine, and jay can bring the Ta-Kill-ya'. And, the rest of us? Just contact me via comment to this blog and I'll handle the sign up sheet because I'm helpfull a control freak who likes to be in charge and make sure everything happens correctly, on time, and is on "the list" that way!
Anyhoooodle.  Can you read me?  If so?  PLEASE COMMENT to me.  I've been isolated. and. For. Too many. Hours.
Happy Saturday or what ever day you "might" be Readin' me!



Jay said...

I haven't been having any trouble accessing your page. Hmmm ... Were they all using the same browser? Maybe it's an IE problem? I'm using Camino on my Mac and it works fine. ;-)

Hilary said...

Loud and clear with Firefox on a Mac.

Tricia said...

In all your green splendor!

Anonymous said...

I do see you, and I did yesterday as well...Hope you stop by my blog today and give me some advice, for I have a problem, LOL...Christi

Karen said...

Another Mac Firefox reader with no problems.
I'd like to sign up to bring the dip to your cyber shin-dig. Chips and dip, cause I'm classy and cheap like that.

kate et jim said...

We're getting you here - on Firefox and HP.

Nice blog - by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't know if it's you or me. I can see your blog long enough to click on comments..

Then it says internet explorer can not open your site.. then it kicks me off..

It's now gone, but this is open in a seperate window.. so I'm hoping it will post..

I do not understand what you are talking about in your post cause I can't stay on long enough to read it...but let's hope this works

Anonymous said...

OK this part works,, but sure can't get you site to stay on the screen..

If I hurry and click you profile, that loads and stays on the screen, but does me no good. Once I click your blog.. I have 2 seconds and you are gone..

I'm internet explorer..

Wep said...

Loud and clear on Safari on a Mac :) You just have to scroll to get to the posts...

Saw you off the Gary's Pottery blog :)

Lis Garrett said...


I'm back on!

Krishna said...

Yep, i can see ya now. i was going to email ya but never got that far.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

sigh...all is right with the world again......................

kcinnova said...

YAY!! I'm thinking it was IE. I should've tried Flock, but time was short (always is on the weekends).

Flock is pretty awesome for reading blogs and twittering, but it is a pain for me to write posts or e-mail, so I bounce back and forth.

Yep. Definitely addicting.
(IS it Madman?? I'm worried about him!!)

Knight said...

I ran away from blogs for the weekend and missed your crisis over here. I did have trouble logging on Friday night I think but I somehow found a work around and assumed it was just my connection. Crazy! I certainly can bring the wine. Only the good stuff!